Sabrina Scott

Sabrina Scott (they/them/she/her) has been reading tarot and doing witchcraft for 18 years.

They went to their first séance at the age of eight and grew up alongside Modern American Spiritualism. Their witchcraft practice is deeply intuitive and mediumistic, with a focus on trance, ecstasy, and communing with the dead. They see magic as a way of building relationship with non-human beings.

Sabrina lives in Toronto and aside from reading cards and providing professional witchy services, they are also an illustrator, graphic novelist, and academic. Their first graphic novel Witchbody was nominated for the Doug Wright Awards, the biggest comics award series in Canada. Sabrina is a PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies and a university professor of Design. They have a Masters in Environmental studies with a focus in Environmental Education. They have lectured, taught, and facilitated workshops in Canada and internationally. A typical Sagittarius Sun with Libra rising, they like lying around on the beach and getting their nails did.

You can connect with Sabrina on Instagram at @immateriality, on their site, or via email at

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