Danielle Doresey

Danielle Dorsey (she/her) is based in LA, but travels whenever possible, using tarot, yoga, and writing as tools to dissect her earthly experiences. Astrology, crystals and reiki healing provide additional aid as she strives to heal ancestral wounds and reclaim her power in an oppressive capitalist society. She provides this same depth of service to her clients, who span all walks of life.

Danielle is a regular columnist for Chakrubs and Wear Your Voice Mag. Keep up with her writing at DanielleDorky.com and follow her witchy wanderings at Tarotviews.

Danielle’s posts on Little Red Tarot

I’m a 30-something writer, artist, tarot reader, and perpetual explorer of the space between thought, feeling, and action.

I believe that spirituality and ritual are for everybody. I’m about the journey, in all of its messy, non-linear, chaotic iterations. I am excited by anticapitalist business and living with my whole entire self present. I use tarot cards to bring forth hidden truth, and ritual to affirm my commitment, over and over, to my ever-shifting path.