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Calling all special people!

Got something tarot-related you’d love to share?

Or herbalism, or magic, or astrology, or wellbeing…?

Little Red Tarot is a lively, active and engaged community of tarot lovers and learners who are interested in exploring their cards, connecting with their spirituality, learning about themselves and having fun with tarot.

tarot blog
tarot blog

I’ve been writing this blog for four years…and it’s time for other voices to share the platform.

You – the readers of Little Red Tarot – have asked and continue to ask for more guest posts.

In particular (but not only) you’ve asked for more writing from people of colour, more queer and genderqueer writing… more diverse representations of you and your communities – and people with totally different life experiences too.

You’ve also asked for posts on a whole variety of topics that I know nothing about!

I know what an interesting bunch you are because you’re always emailing and telling me! And I’m always secretly hoping that one day you’re going to simply offer me an article.


Well it’s time to stop hoping and try asking…

Would you like to write for Little Red Tarot?

Submissions can cover a whole range of related topics, for example:

  • Tarot, tarot decks, tarot cards, tarot spreads, tarot history, tarot tips, tarot tools…you get the idea
  • Astrology
  • Herbalism
  • Magic, spells and witchcraft
  • Paganism, Wicca and other forms of religion/spirituality
  • Lenormand, oracles, runes and other forms of divination
  • Creative projects using tarot and/or the above
  • Original thoughts on self-care and wellbeing
  • Personal, thought-provoking or entertaining essays on how tarot intersects with your life
  • Useful articles about running your own ‘spiritual’-type business
  • Interviews with tarot-type people you know
  • Feminist, queer and radical-leftist ideas about/approaches to tarot
  • Ways of using tarot for social activism

I am especially interested in:

  • Writing by people of colour
  • Writing by trans and gender nonconforming people
  • More slutty queers <– actual reader request

As a middle-class white girl, I can’t represent the views and experiences of people outside my demographic (and it would be gruesomely wrong to try.) And whilst this blog keeps growing in popularity, readers need more than just my personal perspectives on tarot.

Submission guidelines

  • Ideally, posts should aim to teach the reader something new, introduce them to a new perspective or idea, or help them solve a problem.
  • How-to posts are especially welcome.
  • Alternatively, personal essays about your life and how tarot is part of that are also welcome.
  • Aim for somewhere between 500 and 2000 words (I won’t do a word count, but as a general guideline…!)
  • Include plenty of pictures. I repeat: plenty of pictures. Pictures which you own or have permission to use.
  • Submit writing by unformatted plain text file (not Word docs!!!) Extra points for using Dropbox 🙂
  • Original content is best, but if you’ve published something mindblowing and you’d like it to get more exposure, that might work too.

Sorry, I’m not looking for…

  • Cliched writing about general wellbeing topics. The web is already bursting at the seams with these pieces and whilst they have their merits, they’re not for Little Red Tarot.
  • ‘Standard’ tarot stuff that is already all over the web.
  • In-your-face sales pitches. It’s totally cool for you to mention and link to your website/product/service but don’t be annoying about it.
  • Anything in the slightest bit sexist, racist, heteronormative, misogynist, ableist or homophobic. Well, duh!

To submit a post: Email me first with your idea and we’ll figure it out from there: beth@littleredtarot.com

NOTE: This is not paid work. I wish it was, but LRT is simply not at that stage yet. This is about writing for love, for connection, for the wonderful tarot community, and, of course for self-promotion 🙂

Thank you!

Beth xx

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