Witchy Queers: Woo-woo resources for queer folks

Here’s a little something I made!

Witchy Queers is a directory of tarot, astrology, herbalism and all sorts of other woo-woo resources created by queer folks, or else specifically useful to us.

I started it recently as a private blog, a way of keeping track of the awesome stuff I kept finding online. Where some people use Feedly, others build spreadsheets and others use their bookmarks bar, when I want to collect resources together I make a blog. (Someone did just inform me that I could just use Evernote but hey I’m slow on the uptake and if I can make a website rather than do pretty much any other activity besides tarot, I will.)


Very quickly I realised that I shouldn’t be keeping this one to myself.

First of all, it could be useful to the readers of Little Red Tarot. More importantly, you guys probably have all kinds of things to add!

So here it is – a simple website to collect together the awesome LGBTQ folks around the web who are doing the magical, esoteric, holistic-health and spiritual work we all want to know about.

Witchy Queers: woo-woo resources, blogs and stores for queer folks

There’s all sorts of stuff, though not a huge amount right now. I’ve collected zines, blogs, single articles, stores and other stuff I like.

Get involved!

If you know of something that should be on this site, you can submit a link right here.

If you spot your site on Witchy Queers and want to change the description or remove it entirely, no problem! Email me at beth@littleredtarot.com.

Otherwise, enjoy exploring!



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  1. Suzi says:

    Hey Beth – what an amazing resource, thanks so much for sharing it!
    I have a question – I have a few site ideas in mind, but they are not my own sites, just ones I love. On the ‘submit’ page, it asks for name and email – is that my own name and email you’re wanting there, or the name/contact of the site in question. Is the name/email going to be used on the site? Like ‘Blah blah site by Blah, submitted by Suzi’ or is it just for you to get in touch with me, just in case? Does that make sense?!
    I’m really excited to see how this resource develops. I love love love the name ‘witchy queers’.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Suzi, glad you like it!! I love the name too 🙂

      Yeah the name and address was really just so that I could contact the person submitting it in case there were any questions or issues, not to be published.

      It’s fine to submit sites you use and love – it’s just a place to gather these resources so everyone can easily find and use/enjoy them.

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