Which tarot course should I take?

I offer two popular, affordable tarot courses.

The Alternative Tarot Course and A Card a Day each offer fun and accessible lessons to help tarot lovers and learners develop their understanding of their cards and read with more confidence.

But – as I’m regularly asked by would-be students, which one should you take? Which is best for beginners, which is best for bloggers, which is best for busy people, which is best for people returning to tarot after a break, which is best for experienced tarot readers…?

Let me briefly explain the difference between the two courses…

The Alternative Tarot Course

This groundbreaking course won’t ‘teach you card meanings’. It will teach you to discover your own. It’s an eight-week course packed with exercises that will get you looking at your cards in new ways and finding the symbols that speak personally to you. It’s a journal-based card, encouraging you to record your

Who is this for? Everyone! But especially people who…

  • …want to go deeper with their tarot deck
  • …don’t learn ‘by rote’ or struggle to ‘memorise the cards’ when using a book
  • …want to develop their own personal relationship with their cards
  • …just got a new deck and want to explore it in depth
  • …are new to tarot and excited to dive in, experienced tarot lovers who want to get re-inspired or take a fresh approach.
  • It’s also perfect for tarot bloggers, since each exercise is the prompt for a full-length blog post!

A Card a Day

This course does ‘teach you card meanings’. It’s a library of card meanings, used alongside a daily email course taking you through the entire deck. Once you start the emails (and you don’t have to begin immediately), you’ll receive one short email each morning with the card’s key themes and ideas – which for some people is enough. You can read it on the way to work or set aside just five quiet minutes each morning to study that one quick card. Optionally, you can click through for a longer exploration of the card, and, going deeper, you can pick a journal prompt and explore the card independently. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend!

Also: the library is designed to work perfectly on a smartphone or tablet, so you can look up card meanings wherever you are.

The interpretations shared here are my own – a mixture of the traditional card meanings I learned when I started, and those that I’ve developed through years of reading cards for myself and others.

Who is this for? Everyone! But especially folks who…

  • …want a simple, accessible daily dose of tarot to keep them learning.
  • …love Little Red Tarot and want a library of alternative card meanings.
  • …are new to tarot and pondering buying a/nother tarot guidebook.
  • …are taking the Alternative Tarot Course who want to back up their studies with my suggested card meanings.

Both courses are LGBT/queer-friendly and use gender-inclusive language. Both courses actively encourage students to step away from the heavily-gendered traditions of masculine and feminine found in mainstream tarot writing and offer different ways to explore and express the dualities we find in tarot.

So which tarot course should you take?

Naturally, I recommend you take both! They are sister courses, one backing up the other. A Card a Day gives you a solid grounding in each card’s key ideas, then the Alternative Tarot Course helps you to move onwards from ‘learned’ meanings and find your own personal approach.

But if you only choose one…

If you’re super-busy and want a simple way to bring a little tarot into your life each day, choose a Card a Day,

If you’ve just got a new tarot deck and you’re excited to dive in though guided exercises, choose the Alternative Tarot Course.

If you enjoy my alternative approach to interpreting cards and want a ‘Little Red Guide to the Tarot‘, choose A Card a Day.

If you want to establish a fun and really engaged daily or weekly tarot practice, choose the Alternative Tarot Course.

If you’d love a tarot guide you can keep in your pocket (i.e. on your smartphone!), choose A Card a Day.

If you’re a blogger looking for loads of blog post inspiration, choose the Alternative Tarot Course.

If you’re new to tarot and feel overwhelmed by the task of ‘learning all the card meanings’, choose A Card a Day.

If you’re been reading tarot cards for years but want a fresh approach or to ‘get back into it’, choose the Alternative Tarot Course.

I hope this has answered some of your questions!

If not, and you’re still struggling to choose, hit me up and ask away – I’d be more than happy to help you choose! Email beth@littleredtarot.com.

Happy tarot-ing!

Beth x

Cards shown in this post are from the Dreaming Way Tarot and the Wild Unknown Tarot.

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  1. Emma says:

    I’ve been working through the Alternative Tarot course every day and it is just wonderful. Just the right balance between taught, guided exercises and free time to explore on your own.

  2. Mara says:

    I’ve been promising myself to take the course for over a year now and since my birthday is coming (hallo, Beth my fellow sun in Aquarius) I think now is definitely the right time. If ever I needed the introspective yet spiritually connective nature of tarot it’s now. Thank you so much for all your hard work over the past couple of years, Beth! I know it’s been difficult, but watching the LRT mothership grow and develop is heartswelling.

  3. I learned tarot with the Alternative Tarot Course and I looooooove this course. What I’d really really like about A card a day is for it to become A BOOK <3 I can’t keep up with daily e-mails. I love to use it as a sort of online book I can refer to every now and then to read your interpretation of a card’s meaning. But ultimately it should be a book we can keep near our altars or beds or in our bags or whatever 🙂 Do you plan to give it a physical form?

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