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  1. Interesting question. Speaking for myself, I read based on suit and value and the picture on the card is of no importance to me. It’s a very different reading style than what’s being used by most readers I’ve met. This style lets me use any Tarot deck I want without concern for the image featured on the face, so when I’m using an illustrated deck – I typically use non-illustrated decks – I look at the illustrations as nuances that provide a different emphasis on my original interpretation. I don’t have any deal-breakers that are based on one or two specific cards, but thematically I do find it difficult to read with decks that are bright-side-only – this “happy answers only” kind of deck composition feels lopsided and incomplete.

  2. For me, I must connect with the Empress, the High Priestess, the Hermit, Death, the Moon and the Queens – the imagery is most important! I recently bought the Linestrider deck, and I love the delicately fine style, the limited colour palette, the white space…

  3. A. says:

    I don’t technically have any specific dealbreaker cards – it’s more like if enough cards bother me, I’ll pass on a deck – but that is as a collector. When any of the 9 of Wands, 3 of Cups, and Knight and Page of Cups aren’t to my liking, it makes it harder for me to want to use the deck. And then, like you mention, I really prefer a certain understanding of gender in cards like the Empress/Emperor, what the difference is between the Queens and Kings, and what they do with the High Priestess (no virginal oh the mystery of women stuff). I can be touchy about overtly Christian themes but the Hierophant and Judgment I can generally work with regardless. Oh, and I like to see more on the Lovers than just “a couple in love”. Not even getting into the desire for some diversity there, but just, it really needs to be more than the sentiment of a Valentine’s Day card.

    • Ruby says:

      Absolutely agreed about the Lovers card. I had the hardest time learning how to interpret it in the beginning, because it just seemed so surface-level.

  4. While it’s not a total deal breaker, I really like reversible backs. The cards I usually gravitate to first are the Hierophant, the Lovers, the Moon, Judgement, 10 of Wands, 3 of Swords, and 6 of Cups.

    Regarding the majors, I tend to avoid decks that rely heavily on Christian imagery. I want my deck to feel spiritual but pull from many sources of belief. I also like my imagery to be piercing, especially if the deck is primarily for me. I want images that adequately convey the pain and struggle they are intended to represent. At the same time, the 6 of Cups helps me evaluate the warmth of love of the deck.

    I have about six decks now and some (Golden Tarot and Guardian Angel tarot) I keep exclusively for public readings since I live in the Florida Panhandle and many people here want decks that are soft and feel more traditional. I really prefer otherwise. I just read a review of the Tarot de St. Croix and I am very intrigued. I’m also insanely tempted by the Starchild Akashic deck. I just got the Fountain last week and I love it. The Moon in that deck is glorious.

  5. Bee says:

    I downloaded the app for a deck that had rave reviews…to find The Devil depicted as a sexy naked woman holding an apple. NOPE.

  6. Buying Xanax says:

    For me it’s varied from deck to deck. I usually consider cards like Strength, Hierophant, Emperor, and Eight of Swords to be important meaning-wise but still have plenty of decks – some favorites even! – with less than perfect portrayals. “Compromise” puts it perfectly, really.

    I’m actually having a mini-crisis with a deck I want, because I love the way the Golden Thread Tarot looks but that Two of Cups is killing me. Specifically, the gender signs on the cups… Just, why. For some reason it makes me madder than a million heteronormative Lovers cards. Why do the snakes need specific genders! Why not just put a bow on one of them if you’re gonna go that far?

    I definitely agree with the Empress. The one deck I own with a pregnant earth mama is getting traded away!

    • Ah man, I didn’t know that about the Golden Thread Tarot – how frustrating.

      I think so many of us feel like we’re making a compromise with a favourite deck. I wonder how many of us have really found the perfect deck, one that doesn’t put a single foot wrong in our eyes?

      • Buying Xanax says:

        I feel like the closest I’ve come is the Slow Holler. There’s nothing that *offends* me, just some cards I wish were a bit broader (The Guild) and some I just wish fit my interpretation better (Strength). There’s also a lack of body diversity & disabled people showing up (the one disabled person in the deck is barely an inch big) but, well, that’s sadly an issue in a loooot of decks.

  7. Ruby says:

    I feel like I’ve said this before, but I have to see the Tower, Death, the Five of Pentacles, and a few swords – Three and Ten, primarily, though the Wild Unknown Nine is the main reason I haven’t bought a copy. For me, it’s mainly making sure the typically darker cards aren’t a step beyond what I’m comfortable trying to interpret.

    I do usually look at how their court cards are named and drawn, though, because I’m a traditionalist who prefers the page/knight/queen/king system. Getting a sense of whether I know I’ll work well with the deck’s vibe, though, I check the Two and Ten of Cups, the Moon, the Nine of Pentacles, and the Queen of Cups.

    Thus far, the two decks that have responded the best to these parameters are Linestrider and (in a close second) Shadowscapes.

  8. Autumn says:

    I normally tend to look at the high priestess, the empress, the hermit, and fives and sixes of the suits as those are normally the hardest to interpret for me! I guess I’m in the minority where pregnant earth mama empresses don’t bother me, but maybe because I only have one deck with that interpretation! Although in every deck I feel like there is a card unique to it that I end up loving, but only in that deck, which can help offset me not loving one of my usual standards.

    • Right? I think that’s one of the best things about collecting tarot decks – it only takes one especially-wonderful card and that whole deck has moved your tarot understanding forwards and expanded your horizons. I have a few decks that I never use, but love for just one or two exceptional cards.

  9. Meghan says:

    The Hierophant for sure, although my everyday deck is the RWS and I hate that card in it…the first deck I bought was the Wildwood and its version, the Ancestor, is probably my favorite version I’ve seen. Queen of Wands, just because I love that card in general. And the Devil—like Bee mentioned above, anything too overtly Christian-y or body-shaming is a total no. There are ways to engage with that card beyond just NAKED BAD!!, you know?

    • I so agree about the nakedness thing. *sigh*

      And yes! The Ancestor in the Wildwood Tarot is so powerful. I love the ‘gateway’ of the birch trees and that crescent moon. So much more evocative of inherited ancestral wisdom than a pope-esque dude in a church.

  10. The Tens- the fulfillment cards in all the suits tell me a lot about what the deck creator idealizes and centers.

    As for the majors. I check out my birth cards first always, The Emperor and Death.

  11. I didn’t plan it this way, but how well I connect to the Hermit in a deck is a pretty good predictor of how well I’ll connect with the deck as a whole. It’s just held true for like, six decks at this point.

  12. So interesting reading your take on this, Beth, and all the comments, too. For me, the Eight of Swords is one of the most important – I bought the Anna K just on that basis. And the Three of Cups, too – I want my network of peeps who support me and bring me joy 😀 I also like seeing the Devil – the Fey Tarot is about my favourite, with this big monster destroying the planet by eating it up…
    I LOVE what you say about the Empress being about someone grounded and full of self-love, that’s a gorgeous description. I rather like the Gaian Tarot in that regard. I think she is pregnant, but I mostly notice all the fruit and abundance around her, and she looks kind but also really settled with herself 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m loving these responses. The Anna K Eight of Swords is one of my favourites too, it’s brilliantly done and was really helpful and formative to me in understanding that card.

      (I think I laid it on thick about the pregnant Empress…it’s a great metaphor for abundance and fecundity, it’s just that it feels like *every deck* goes that route.) The Gaian version sounds gorgeous!

  13. Death, The Emperor and The Hierophant. Death because it’s one of my favourite cards, so I need to ‘see’ if it clicks or not. The other two are my least favourites so I’m always curious to see if the creator of the deck has come up with something that helps me work with them. I also have to check for snake cards, as I have a bit of a phobia. I’ve come to love the Thoth’s Two of Disks, but still struggle with the Wildwood’s King of Bows!

  14. Rachael says:

    While I’m well aware that the Robin Wood deck ticks every single “undesirable, discard immediately” box in terms of sexual and racial diversity (the deck is peopled with solely white characters, couples are decidedly straight and families are happy, shiny paragons of heteronormativity) I think its unfair to dismiss it out of hand.

    When she was designing her deck in the late 80s, Robin was utterly in love Wicca. She writes, ‘After 25 years of dutifully believing what I was told to believe… I found Wicca and it felt like coming home’. Her deck is a testament to this fundamental change in herself and in her world view.

    Robin was striving to create cards that challenged tarot design norms in the areas she found to be particularly galling or unhelpful. There is a purge of judeo-christian imagery, thus the aces are not offered up to us by the disembodied hand of God emerging from behind a cloud, her Devil deals with avarice beautifully without the need for a malicious entity to stoke the fires of human greed and in her Judgement there is glorious rebirth, the opportunity to learn and to try again. Her Hierophant is an unapologetically negative card and with it she makes a stand against the stifling conformity of the Catholic Church as she experienced it.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that Robin Wood was righting the wrongs of the world as she saw them so, rather than struggling with individual cards and their narrow expression of relationships, sex, bodies and family, I find I am able to appreciate her effort as a whole.

  15. Great question! Here are some cards I look for, along with my favorite deck designs — The Lovers (Tarot of the Absurd/Light and Shadow Tarot), The Magician (Alchemical Tarot), Death (various decks, but the Housewives Tarot is hysterical), The Moon (Prisma Visions Tarot/Light and Shadow Tarot).

  16. This is one of the most helpful posts ever – and considering that your posts are literally always helpful, that is saying something! I agree with lots of those mentioned here: The Empress (my birth card, and I don’t really relate to it at all, so it has to be a GREAT empress, which I think is rare); The Ten of Cups (actually all the tens, because fulfillment is an idea so foreign to me!), The Lovers…I’m hetero, but both The Lovers and the 10 of Cups often feel…wrong to me.

    Another I just realized is The Star. I don’t really “get” that card, or didn’t until I thought about its depiction in the Tarot of the Cat People or the Wildwood. When it’s not depicted as a person, I just feel it makes so much more sense.

    I don’t mind Christian themes, especially in cards like Judgement – probably partly because I was raised so neutral toward religion that to me Biblical references just feel literary and have no trauma attached – but essentialized heteronormative visions of masculinity/femininity make me completely disconnect from other meanings of the card. It just flattens everything entirely.

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