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Multi-Passionate Must-Haves

Does the thought of Choosing One Thing make you feel like you’re in jail? Does your family tell you that you’d do great things if only you’d “focus”? Do you often start a new hobby or project with much enthusiasm, only to lose interest once you’ve made some headway?

All my life, I’ve struggled with this idea that we are all supposed to have ‘one true calling’. That there’s one specific thing out there that I’m supposed to get totally into, to be an expert on, to be known for, to make my life path.

My journey in life (all 34 years of it so far) has had many twists and turns. I’ve never known ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ (or at least, I’ve had at least ten different answers to that question) and I’ve never seen a life or career path stretch out in front of me, and I’ve flitted between a large number of interests and hobbies for as long as I can remember.


In a world that often insists you have ‘a calling’ or at least a stable career path, this can be disheartening. I’ve experienced a sense of shame and embarrassment when telling my parents that I’ve switched things up again and life has taken another intriguing turn. Hey Mum – I’m moving to Yorkshire…erm, tomorrow! I’ve quit my job and now I’m a web designer! I’m going to buy and renovate a narrowboat! Oh, by the way, I’m a professional tarot reader now! Also kind of  a writer! Hey, guess what, I’ve decided to move to the Isle of Skye and run a campsite for free!

This is all great fun for me and it has made perfect sense in terms of my own journey, but when I hear the words come out of my mouth, I’m suddenly aware of how random, how flaky, how not-really-how-it’s-done this lifestyle seems in the eyes of others, or of society.


Which is why it was so incredibly fun and liberating to meet Emilie Wapnick, founder of the website puttylike.com. As the inventor of the term ‘multipotentialism’, Emilie insists that you don’t have to have ‘a calling’, and that for many of us, moving between any number of interests, career paths, hobbies and pursuits is natural and way of life, and can even be a way to build a sustainable business. I looked around at Little Red Tarot and all the hats I wear as run this ship, and I had to agree. So I was incredibly excited when Emilie invited me to be part of her latest project.

Multi-Passionate Must-Haves is a curated bundle of tools and resources for folks who identify with multipotentialism, who reject the idea that they must pick one thing and stick with it, who have more interests and hobbies and ideas than you can shake a stick at, and who want to make a living down what they love.

It’s available for 72 hours, it costs $97, and it begins right now!

Multi-Passionate Must-Haves

There are books and courses and tools covering all kinds of multipod topics, from a system to help you ‘Figure Out What Fits’ to help with web and branding design, tips for artists and makers, a guide to leaving your day job and all kinds of productivity tips to help folks who love to spin a lot of plates. There’s also Emilie’s awesome book: Renaissance Business: Make Multipotentiality your Day Job, and several brilliant planners.

When you purchase Multi-Passionate Must-Haves, you’ll gain access to over a dozen programs created by and for multi-passionates. We understand the challenges of being a person who wants to do it all but is yearning for focus, so we sought out products that address three main areas: your work, your creativity and the fear that can keep you from both. The products in this bundle will help you build a sustainable life around your many passions, so that you can bring your brilliant ideas to the world.

My contribution, naturally, is all about tarot! Specifically, tarot as a tool for planning and working through projects. I’ve created a 50-page book which introduces tarot as a multipotentialite’s best friend, a brilliant, fun and incredibly helpful resource for anyone with a lot of big ideas in their heads. 78 Cards, All of the Things: Tarot for Multipods, Projects and Planning is only available as part of the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves bundle, which is live for the next 72 hours.

Find out all about it here!

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