I want doesn’t get. Oh wait – yes it does.

Re. Those survey results:

You came up with a whole load of awesome suggestions for Little Red Tarot and I had a lot of fun reading them all.

Here are some of the main things people asked for in 2015, plus what you’re gonna get, and what you can checkout while you’re waiting!

You asked for… more individual card interpretations

You’ll get… exactly that. One a week, if I can keep it up, maybe on Wednesdays 🙂

I started last week with The Hierophant, and this week we had The Moon. The aim is to reinterpret the cards in new ways, or provide different angles, rather than re-hashing ‘traditional’ meanings which you can read elsewhere.

Everyone has their own feelings about their tarot cards. I really hope people will add their own thoughts to these posts in the comments!

Meantime… here are all of my posts on individual cards and different ways of reading them gathered on one terribly-organised page. Have fun…!


 I’d like a committed study-buddy, someone to learn with.

You asked for… an online alternative tarot community space

80% of you said yes to this and loads of you expanded on the idea, letting me know what you would want this to actually do (you can view a summary of your suggestions in this fun infographic!)

You’ll get… A simple social network for tarot lovers like you. You’ll be able to create profiles, follow each other, exchange readings, share skills, learn together and talk tarot publically or privately. Plus queer tarot spaces, because the world needs this.

Meantime… You know all of those links you sent me in the surveys? The 110 of you who had a website to share? I’ll be posting these up, ten at a time til they’re all shared. The first one is next Tuesday!

 I feel like I have joined a club.

You asked for… more personal posts

You’ll get… Umm…more personal posts about my life!

Meanwhile… I wrote this for you: Me in sort of bulletpoints and pictures.

Want more? Here’s a post about my recent civil partnership and moving my home from the sticks to the city, and here’s another about the way I want to work and live.

What I’d most like to see is… an adventure fuelled entirely by tarot


You asked for… more original tarot spreads

You’ll get… Hopefully an actual book of spreads – if I can find the time I would love to pull everything together into one big brilliant tarot spread book. I’ll keep blogging new spreads too.

Meanwhile… here’s my tarot spreads archive. Seems like this has been hard for people to find so I’ve added it to the main menu on my site.

Also: A recent post with a spread for dealing with Christmas/Thanksgiving/other family holiday times.


You asked for… more about making money from tarot

You’ll get… My story and links to useful resources. I’m making this whole thing up and think I have a few useful business lessons to share, but I have to say this isn’t really my bag (yet). I’ll post more roundups of tarot and general business resources which I think might be helpful to you.

Meanwhile… here are the steps I took to becoming a professional tarot reader and things to think about if you want to do the same.

You asked for… more guest posts on different topics

You’ll get… YES. I want this too. I’d really, really love to feature more guest writers – there is so much to talk about that I know little about. We need more perspectives from people of colour, more herbalism, more tarot history, more radical politics and a whole load of other stuff too. I know it! Just gotta find the writers.

Meanwhile… Would you like to guest post for Little Red Tarot? Drop me a line. I’m serious! Do it. Or tell your brilliant writer friend.

And here’s Tabby’s new astrology column, Astro DIY. She’s an amazing activist from New Zealand.

HD Chart

You asked for… more products in the shop

You’ll get… I have so many ideas, it’s one of those ‘dont’ know where to begin’ scenarios. If I had a whole extra life I’d make loads of wonderful things to sell like tarot journals and reading cloths and herbal postions…

I’d love to stock more tarot decks – if they ever reprinted The Collective Tarot I would be on the case so fast. And the forthcoming Fountain Tarot or the Gorgon’s Tarot… it’s all a lot easier said than done.

Meanwhile… Here’s what’s in the shop right now! It’s small but it is perfectly formed IMHO. If there’s a product out there that’s beautiful and hard to come by and you think it’s special enough, email me and tell me about it 🙂

You asked for…

More photos, more of the boat, more cats, more tarot-in-everyday-life, more deck reviews, more interviews, more court cards, more meetings with cool tarot folks….

You’ll get… Guys this is what I do so I’ll keep doing it.

Meanwhile… may I present my entire blog.

It's cool, I got a spread for that

I’m so excited about all of the things you’ve told me and asked for and offered!

Thank you so much for helping me figure out what this blog needs, and really helping me find my way towards 2015 with a clear idea about where Little Red Tarot will go next. I really, really appreciate your contributions.

You’re brilliant!

Beth xxx

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