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  1. Marco says:

    Hi, I am slowly becoming comfortable with identifying as a witch… my name is marco and im a teen with quite christian parents. im neuroatypical, nonbinary, and gay. i just found this website while reading about natal charts and i love it so much. im still very new to witchcraft and am feeling my way around and this website will probably end up to be a big reference for me. i actually hope to one day become a writer here. anyways i got curious about the negative connotation with the word “witchcraft” and decided to look into it and see how bad it could be. the first thing i saw was an article on wicca and i immediately was intrigued. ive started my own book of shadows. as a kid ive been naturally drawn to magical things and stories. being a witch to me is healing. since ive explored witchcraft, my opinions of my self have improved along with my mental state. it seems to have been really helping me recently and i cant wait to grow with it.

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