Weekend reading + seven days of treats

It’s September! Oh my goodness. My favourite time of year is fast approaching, and as the autumn chill starts to creep in in the mornings and evenings, I can feel a sense of excitement building. I’m looking forward to getting my boat stove going once again, to misty mornings and falling leaves, setting intentions, reflection and that emotional depth that comes about around the autumn equinox.

Meanwhile, it’s been a week full of treats for yours faithfully:

For starters, my beautiful vintage Rider-Waite-Smith tarot arrived – and it’s been giving me many different forms of joy, reconnecting with this all-time-favourite deck in a whole new, very old way.

I also got a new bike! Mine was stolen, back last winter, right before my trip to the US. When I returned, I picked up a Dutch beauty on Gumtree, but with its back-pedal brakes and lack of gears, I never felt properly equipped for the often-hairy city cycling Manchester demands. It was time to make a serious investment, and boy, am I happy I did. Here’s the new love-machine in all her glory (can’t wait to go touring with her next spring!):


Image via broadstreetcycles.ca

And, I’ve had a visitor. Cally’s been with me all week – I’m dog-sitting for a frien, and it’s just been so, so wonderful having a dog around again. Some of you will remember Billie – Em and I’s beloved friend – since she sadly died earlier this year, she has been missed, often and with pain and love. Cally has reminded me of the simple joys that come from being forced to go outside and walk, throw sticks, play games for two hours each day, and has been snuggled up with me each evening.

File 03-09-2015 10 39 24

Just another day at the office.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week (with her head in my lap):

Janet Mock on Nicki Minaj’s wax figure and the treatment of black women’s bodies.

The treatment of Minaj’s body reminds me of the vulgar snapshots taken by visitors to artist Kara Walker’s sculpture in Brooklyn called, “A Subtlety” which was a 35-foot-tall figure in the shape of a black woman. Visitors fondled the sculpture, they posed with their tongues out and fingers pointing.

And it also reminds me of the way women of color have been used as props in entertainment by everyone from Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer here to America’s most bankable pop star Taylor Swift. And of course, it reminds me of Sara Baartman, a South African woman who became the most famous black woman in 19th-century Europe because of her body.

Angeliska Polacheck left New Orleans when Katrina hit, ten years ago. As the city marks the anniversary of this disaster, she shares her thoughts and feelings in this beautiful post: Reverse Phoenix – Hurricane Katrina, 10 years later.

Alexis J Cunninfolk, who writes our awesome Tarot Herbology series here on Little Red Tarot, has launched a month-long project to help you develop a relationship with a special herb, or ‘plant ally’. It started on September 1st, but you can catch up here: Plant Ally Project: Thirty Day Challenge.


The Fight Didn’t End with Marriage: How Religious Exemption Laws Endanger LGBT Americans. A hard-hitting, accessible and informative primer in US Religious Exemption laws and their impact on the LGBTQ community – well worth reading, however you identify.

Your top ten tarot cards. I published the first round-up of results from my recent survey – this post lists your favourite tarot cards, with a few choice quotes about why you love em. Some really beautiful, touching answers. Go see if your favourites are listed!

Photo 01-09-2015 13 50 54

Another one from Autostraddle – and this is really, really awesome: Rebel Girls: 10 Historical Women Who Went on Sick Adventures. They’re all freakin’ kick-ass ladies, but check out Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to get a pilot’s licence:

She wasn’t allowed to earn her license in the US, so she just learned some French and did it overseas like an old pro. She went on to perform aerial tricks and other phenomena for a living afterward, presumably just to rub that license deservingly in everyone’s face and also so she could, y’know, live her dreams.


Are you a business owner looking to connect better with the LGBTQ community? Want tips about how to make your services and work more inclusive and welcoming to queer folks? Jeanna Kladec, of Bluestockings Boutique, has this helpful e-course, starting in a couple of weeks.

And speaking of business, if you’re a professional tarot reader – or thinking of becoming one – don’t miss Theresa Reed’s great new email course Get in Charge, which provides 21 daily lessons to help you get your business in order. I’ve taken it, and think it’s brilliant.

Hey Urban Outfitters. You Suck. … Again. Seriously, this company is the *worst* – please can we all NOT shop there?

That’s it from me! This weekend, I’m down in Shropshire, hanging with my parents and enjoying my mum’s cooking 🙂 Whatever you’re up, have a good one!

Beth x


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