Weekend reading: Samhain/Halloween special!


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Unglamorously, unwitchiliy, I have lost the past week – intended for ritual creation and heartfelt writing – to… bookkeeping. Instead of the pulling together my swirling feelings and ideas, instead of reading my tarot, exploring those dark corners, and the designing of a much-needed new moon ceremony, I’ve found myself at the beck and call of a rigorous accountant extracting reports from PayPal and staring confusedly at spreadsheets. (I have, however, attained half of my first major goal for winter, so I’m secretly rather pleased.)

And this weekend the dark moon is in spooky Scorpio, and Monday is Halloween, Tuesday is Samhain. And where will I be? Driving a massive hire van down to Argyll, helping dear friends with a mammoth house move. No time for writing during this season of change!

Still – no matter that I have no poignant Samhain words to share with you, for plenty others have written their pieces. Behold, a roundup of seasonal reading for witches, veil-slippers and Halloween revellers of all stripes – and if you’d like to add your own post to this list, please leave a comment below!

Let’s begin with a song. Hit play! (Actually this is a whole beautiful ambient album. Enjoy!)

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The herbs and astrology of Samhain | Practical and magickal brilliance from Alexis J Cunningfolk.

+ Samhain is the Gaelic word for November. Here’s how you pronounce it in full. (If you’re just saying ‘Samhain’ in this context, you’ll leave the ‘t’ off and pronounce the ‘S’. Yes I know.)

+ Samhuinn – Halloween, Winter’s Start, guising, divination, and fires | A detailed and fascinating post exploring Scottish folk traditions.

+ Honouring our ancestors: New moon in Scorpio | Chani Nicholas’ take on the astrology of this season and how it relates to our personal heritage.

This ain’t witchcraft. It’s wildcraft | Appalachian poetry, and Granny.

+ How to conduct a seance with tarot

Samhain magic: Seeking the knowledge of our bones, the skeleton key tarot spread | Asali’s spread unlocks the secrets of our ancestry using the Hierophant’s symbolic key.

Honouring our ancestors: A Samhain ritual | A dinner party in honour of those who went before.

7 ways not to be an ally on halloween | Check your costume against this handy list

Samhain practices and reflections | From herbalist Asia Sular, whose writing gets me in all the right places.

+ A Samhain meditation

+ Night Hags Unite! | Cat Cabral on dark goddess energy.

+ A litany to the many dead | Rebecca Lynn Scott’s epic poem remembers and celebrates our ancestors.

A living connection to the loved ones we’ve lost

Giving thanks to Pamela Colman Smith | On the theme of honouring ancestors, I wrote about one of tarot’s grandmothers.

Happy Halloween! Meet your Star Squad | The one and only Paige Z, everybody.

How to create your own memento mori with tarot | Carrie Mallon shares a great exercise in remembering your mortality.

+ Your Radical Tarot ‘Scopes from Siobhan and her team

+ Awaken your witch: Rituals for the new moon in Scorpio | ($21) Chani Nicholas’ short courses are detailed and wonderful and this one, focused on tonight’s new moon and the astrology of the coming month, sounds extra-special.

+ Got anything to share? Add it below!

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