Weekend Reading + navigating emotional overwhelm

Your friendly neighborhood Guest Editor, Tango, here. Welcome to the end of April.

How are you fairing?

Here in Southeast Alaska, April is supposed to bring oodles of rain, but climate change seems to have its own agenda, so we’ve been soaking up the sun and trying to see the bright side.

We came out of a Venus retrograde and went into a Mercury retrograde this month. Venus had us reviewing our relationship patterns and now Mercury has us reviewing our communication patterns.

Personally, relationships and communication have been at the forefront in my life this month, as my longterm partner and I entered the realm of non-monogamy. And woah. So much emotional processing. So much navigation of new communication patterns. So much digging into and determining boundaries.

Ken Keyes’ Handbook to Higher Consciousness has been immensely helpful for me, so now we’re all reading it. Written in the 1970’s, it’s got some groovy language about “living love”, which involves up-leveling “emotion-backed addictions” to “preferential thinking”. That book in tandem with Alan Watts’ lecture on thinking, the Ego, and Self have given me the tools to process all this, rather than just curling up into a tiny ball of overwhelm.

So let’s chill out to some weekend reading..

Meet your Mystics – Rebecca Artemisa blends magic into resistance | Painting spells to crush the patriarchy

lunar first aid: feel to fight another day | Basic needs + healthy habits for each Moon sign.

Spring Cleaning the Soul – Don’t! | Wisdom on cleansing versus composting

Bringing Myself Home | Beth’s reflections on the recent New Moon in Taurus

We learn how to carry the trauma. We adjust to it. We become trauma management systems rather than trauma clearing systems.

– Your trauma talks. Are you listening?

To be crazy as a loon | Maranda visits their hometown, armed with the Two of Swords & Two of Pentacles.

The Trauma of Facing Deportation | When you’ve no where to connect to, apathy devours…

…maybe because we need each other in order to be. | Descartes was wrong: ‘a person is a person through other persons’

Discussing Rosemary as a polar plant, a compass plant, a plant ally to help you find yourself | The newest episode of Forage Botanicals’ Listen podcast.

Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale is queerer than it ever was and closer than I knew | If my internet connection could handle streaming video, I’d be all over this.

Each of the Fives shows us a different facet of that loss of instinct, whether it be confusion or aggression or disillusionment or depression. They illustrate the consequences of conformity.

– Confusion and Loss: On the Hierophant and Fives in Tarot

Reaching Back for Ourselves | Asali explores healing ritual time travel.

We talk to witches about the connection between makeup and magick | Intertwined since the beginning of time.

“Can I be a witch without tools?” | Witch on a Budget clarifies what counts as a ‘real spell’.

What makes a star? The gifted myth. | Siobhan questions inherent talent and the function of failure.

Committing to healing means committing to your own imperfection. You will age, you will ache, you will not be in control. But you are surrounded by a world that holds you as its own.

– A healing spell from Corina Dross and Jocelyn Mosser

Plan with a Witch: Witchy Bullet Journal Moon Tracker | Not just for #bujo practioners 😉

Hey witches with radical businesses, here’s An Alternative Approach to Starting and Growing a Radical Enterprise

Pennyroyal is not a hanger: Expanding our vision of reproductive justice | Andi discusses how “using plants to effect fertility is fundamentally a feminist practice.”


And finally, because I love you, How to become a deadly misandrist fairy vampire

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