Weekend reading + mega flux mode

No, you’re right. It’s not the weekend. Not anymore. Not yet? Time is so wobbly.

Especially when life is mega flux mode. Time speeds up and slows down, and you’re not sure who or what is in control anymore. Life is a swirling vortex around you, and you have just enough presence of mind to hold on. (And to remember to snap a few photos on the road trip into town – the interior of Prince of Wales is breathtaking.)

I’m in the process of moving. Moving from my sailboat to a cabin on a tiny island. This seems to be a major theme for the Little Red Tarot team as of late. Half of us, including Beth, have uprooted this year already. We’re in transit. And Little Red Tarot seems to be in transit with us. What a beautiful reflection.

As an astrologer I often look to the macrocosm of the cosmos to understand the microcosm of my individual life, a Hermetic reflection. But – thanks to good ‘ol stress – my body has been loudly communicating with me, and I remembered that the microcosm of the body equally acts as a mirror to the macrocosm of my life. That’s relativity. That’s always having/knowing everything you need.

My body feels this transit, acts as my guide through overwhelm into peace and back and forth until balance is achieved. Nettles helps. Hawthorn too. It’s humbling to accept aid from the forest.

Grab a cup of tea or another forest food, and find some weekend-time amidst your week to peruse some links..

Whalevolution | let this video load while you click around. you’ll thank me.

LOOK OUT KIDS ~ NEW MOON IN GEMINI | a must-read for astro geeks + Bob Dylan fans

Changing Stories : The New Moon in Gemini | “It’s time to tell your story, instead of being told it.” – Alexis Cunningfolk

Tarotscopes: May 21 – June 21 | Siobhan’s Gemini season ‘scopes are out!

13 unconventional ways of reading tarot card reversals | an abridged version of Valeria’s eBook on tarot reversals – which you can download here!

Fool’s Journey: Which Queen is Your Mentor? | Beth’s latest installment will have you falling for the queens all over again

Spreads as Cartography | tracking the flow of a spread via its shape

Ideas for Birthday Tarot Spreads | for the Gemini readers – Happy Birthday / Solar Return!

20 Thousand Bones | Salmon art of Southeast Alaska

How Having A Disability Influenced My Queer Dating Life | does anyone else remember Formspring?

The Highest Highs and Lowest Lows: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder | we need more essays like this.

How not to help anxiety: An anti-list | oh you know, just Siobhan bringing on more raw authenticity

Gentle Herbal Magick For When You Feel Lost | come back to yourself with the help of some Rosemary

Finding Holy Within: How Reshaping Religion Has Transformed My Self Love | what if our bodies were actually our best teachers?

Drunk Astrology: Hate-Reading Donald J. Trump | more brilliance from Seagoat Astrology

The woods are lovely, dark and deep | a little something to inspire you to step outside

Learning to Listen Deeply | exploring collective wisdom

The beautiful languages of the people who talk like birds | a beautiful BBC longread to wrap up with

Did you get the Whalevolution video to load? I couldn’t get it past four minutes, but it was so peaceful – I’m gonna go try it again…

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  1. Beth says:

    I was saving this for tomorrow (i.e. Saturday!) but damn, I woke early and fancied some good reading so here I am. Thank you for everything… (especially salmon vertebrae art 🙂

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