Weekend reading + cold cold ground

Gillean, Cuillin, Skye

The movement from autumn into winter was fast and hard.

It came with searing, blinding sunshine and a tough frost, with silent star-filled nights and our poor inadequate van, wheels skidding on ice.

It came with a new wave of ideas – decisions, even, imagine that! – about home and where we want to be. It came bringing the last quarter of my year on Skye, the cold season to bring me full-circle.

It came with a first walk in the Cuillin mountains, those rugged, snow capped peaks that dominate the Skye landscape, inhospitable and irresistible at once.

It came with your survey answers, which were delightful and moving and interesting and funny. It came with a life-planning session that brought me clarity, confidence and determination to use these cold, dark months with purpose and intention.


Em and I have four months in a lovely, secure, warm, comfortable home and so many plans for using this luxury. True, one of those plans it to watch DVDs on the sofa – the kind of treat we haven’t enjoyed for a full year. It’s also a time for rethinking and reshaping our working lives, reconnecting with global activism, reflecting on all that we’ve learned this year (for it has been a year of learning if nothing else) and getting serious about the future we want to create together.

Meanwhile I have of course been reading the webs…

Let’s begin with a song. Hit play! (If you’re reading this via email, you’ll need to click through to use the music player.)

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Migration facts in a post-truth world | Question mass media.

#Trollaid | Trolls are helping to raise funds to refugees. Brilliant.

Broke Bad Witch | Here is a freakin’ brilliant new podcast from Cecelia Kyoko that you should definitely listen to.

Sagittarius season ‘Scopes | This month’s awesome tarotscopes, hosted by our very own Siobhan Rene.

Hold your hand | These poems by teenage girls!

The dangerous women of Irish mythology | Real heroines, from the brilliant Dangerous Women Project.

Burnout – Spiritual Influence and our Desire to be Special | Louise Androlia has been sharing her experience of a recent breakdown piece by piece, and I am finding her revelations fascinating, touching and at times affirming. This piece explores the disconnect between the self-help world’s mantras that you need ‘fixing’ and that ‘the universe will save you’, and our personal responsibility to listen to our own selves.

The self help industry is actually now at a peak a lot like a beauty industry. There is a multi million dollar industry based on showing us we need to be healed and go within, and then teaching us how to go within… via going outside of ourselves… and believing anything that the latest wellness influencer or guru who pretends they aren’t a guru but acts like a guru tells us. It is an industry full of contradiction, because it is now trendy and all the latest buzzwords are woven in.

With all this available, the idea that we could just accept ourselves totally as we are, now seems like a totally radical idea.

Louise Androlia

The Movement for Black Lives is Right about Israel

Fool’s Journey: A tarot spread for the revolution | If you’re feeling lost of overwhelmed, this spread might help you find your fight.

If you want to be a professional writer… | Alexandra Franzen’s simple, practical advice.

My public confession is no longer necessary | Mandy Steward’s blog has a coming of age moment.

50 blogs and books that inspire queer entrepreneurs | A roundup of resources, suggested by Follow Your Arrow’s awesome interviewees.

If: 5 Kitchen Table Press covers | Alexis Pauline Gumbs describes five of her favourite book covers, published by Kitchen Table: Women of Colour Press.

How to deal with the apocalypse: A personal account | The Chaos Witch wonders about the point of it all (but concludes it’s time to fight all the harder).

Why do we pray to Gods who don’t listen? Why do we delude ourselves with platitudes of love and trust when our environment is fearful and replete with hazards that threaten to whip the rug out of every safe space we thought we held dear? I cleaned my altar off and retired some icons that I thought were important. I dusted and tucked away tools and debris that were gathering dust or that were useless or simply clutter. Was it time to be atheist again?

The Chaos Witch

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Why pronouns and bathrooms really matter

Self-Care Strategies for Crushing the Patriarchy | Please can we all do this this new moon?

Re-membering women’s stories | Sharon Blackie pays poetic homage to the fierceness and passion of her mythological foremothers, reclaiming their stories as her own.

The Electrik Girls is an online space for artsy girls of colour.

Solidarity isn’t a safety pin | How to actually be an ally.

What to do when your tarot reading confuses the heck out of you

How to get the post from a tarot reading | My best advice for approaching your cards, clarifying intentions and asking purposeful questions.

Finding power in familiars: Animals and the everyday magic of being

“I have nothing to offer you,” I told her. She sat with me in silence for a very long time. For the first time, I felt I didn’t owe anyone shit. She accepted just that.

Lindsay R. Slutist

Eight craft projects to repurpose tarot cards | Fun!


The Circo Tarot by Marisa de la Peña

And that’s yer lot! Have an awesome weekend, people! Don’t get too cold.

With love,

B x

PS: Want even more reading? Find the entire Weekend Reading archive here.

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  1. tarot says:

    I love love love your link recommendations, thank you for putting that together. A little warning though for the tarotscope language, as a person identifying as non-binary, the language in the aries scope was hella gender normative. anyway, i am reading the burn out text now, great tips!

  2. Ellen says:

    50 blogs and books and podcasts that inspire queer entrepeneurs and How to get the post from a tarot reading appear to be the same link! Great blog entry

  3. C says:

    Just a heads up – the link to Lindsay Slutist’s article led me to a ‘install this plugin’ site. Not sure why that is.

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