Weekend reading + a beach in the city

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So! I’m reducing the amount of time I spend sitting at a computer. In line with this, weekend reading now be a monthly thing.

In other news, Edinburgh is beautiful, freezing cold, totally easy to get around, full of treasure and far more stiff-upper-lipped than any place in England I know. Yet, it’s far easier to break through to the glowing warmth beneath the austere surface of its inhabitants. At least, that’s how I’ve found my first fortnight, which has been spent cycling around in the wind and rain, looking for places to hang, checking out the charity shops and playing on the beach just a couple of miles away.

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We also took our bikes on a trip to Cumbrae, a tiny island just off the west coast. There’s a standing stone which is apparently a Norwegian memorial, a ridiculously beautiful view of Arran, and a cafe where where it feels like time’s stood still since the 60s. (And they do the best strawberry milkshake.)

But enough about me!

Some reading/listening for your weekend:

Let’s begin with a song. Hit play!


Passion versus paying the bills: What to do when you can’t quit your day job | More heartfelt and practical wisdom from Liz Worth (who I really, really love).

The Wooden Tarot | I’ve received a lot of requests for this deck, created by AL Swartz of the Earthbound Oracle so many of you love. It’s available for pre-order now, expected in stock by 4th December. You’re welcome!

Related: Marianne has been blogging with this deck!

What it’s like to go swimming in the ocean for the first time at 28 | Ashley Ford on experiencing things for the first time, alone and with a partner.


by Gel Jamlang, via lennyletter.com

10 trans women pioneers they definitely didn’t tell you about in history class | Being trans is difficult and dangerous enough right now. Here are ten incredible stories of defiant women of the 19th and 20th centuries who refused to hide their truths.

Brownstargirl Tarot is back and in unceded Duwamish territories  | An update from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. (If you’re not familiar with Leah’s awesomeness btw, here’s a wonderful interview.)

The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2016 | Theresa Reed’s accessible yet detailed guide to the major astrological events of 2016, with a forecast for each sign. I’m putting this on my wall!

Bell’s Roar – Slow / An intimate and simple portrayal of love | Sean Desiree (of Bell’s Roar) has made this *gorgeous* video of them and their partner going to bed, sleeping, waking up, for their forthcoming single, Slow.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 09.06.45

“The lives of queer people of color are rarely seen in such a personal and normalized way.”

Cristy C Road is creating the Next World Tarot and you’re invited! | My DIY punk zinester artist hero Cristy Road launched the Kickstarter for her forthcoming tarot deck, and it’s brilliant. Watch the video, get excited, and give whatever you can to support queer punk art!

Feast + Famine | Angeliska muses ideas of abundance and scarcity – and the Five of Pentacles) at a time of year focused on excess and extravagance.

How many times have you said a little prayer (or a big one), did a spell or ritual, lit candles and wished – for more abundance? How many times have I? Oh, plenty and plenty. The truth is: we have more abundance than we know what to do with. If you’re reading this on your very own computer, you know that that’s true. So much of the work I have been trying to do for the past few years really boils down to: “If you’re going to talk the talk, you really have to walk the walk.

Unconscious Consumption | Seth Godin on the con of black Friday and just how generally depressing it all is.

Herbal Gifts | Alexis J Cunningfolk’s new series of make-your-own herbal pampering gifts.


100 Women: Home – Poland | I am loving the 100 Women series on the World Service, which brings together stories of women from all over the world.

Mariachi Flor de Toloache | An all-female mariachi band! Yes!!


Acid Church: using tarot as a container for therapeutic psychedelic exploration

tarot is useful for exploring the swamp because the provocative images remind us of universal concepts of spiritual wellness or challenges. they work similarly to the way psychedelics function – as an antidote to isolation.

the tarot map becomes a touchstone – literally and emotionally. we can wander through the forest with one topic in mind and then come back to the map when we want to ground or explore a new idea. and the cards help us utilize archetypes as doorways to explore particularly challenging topics.
Andi Grace

The Herbal Witch’s Moon Musings: Heartache, Longing & Self-Care | A helpful introduction to accepting the shadowier side of our emotions, sitting with pain and death, looking longing in the eye, and taking care of your heart and soul.

The Movements We Make With Our Wands: A Tarot Review of Meg Whiteford’s “The Shapes We Make With Our Bodies” | You guys, this is brilliant! A scene-by-scene review of a new play, via the Emily Dickinson Tarot.


‘And then you wished you had eyes on your pages’ – image via witchcraftmag.com

The Emily Dickinson Tarot | Was the above link too subtle? THERE’S AN EMILY DICKINSON TAROT. Yes of course an email to ask about wholesale has been sent are you kidding me? I wrote my dissertation on Dickinson, named my cat after her (along with about twenty million other queer women I’m guessing) and she’s the only poet I can recite by heart. Click click click.

This video of a man reassuring his son in the wake of the Paris attacks went viral, but in case you haven’t seen it…

That’s all for November folks! Have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful month.

B x


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  1. chloetarot says:

    Edinburgh sounds wonderful – what a way to disconnect 🙂
    Thanks for “Slow” – love the vid and the music <3
    So many interesting links, when I'm supposed to be working 😉

  2. Angels says:

    I love that instead of floating around the internet, I can find such cool things on your blog and newsletter. as someone who is considering getting away from social media for my bodymind, it feels good to keep connected to others in this way. Thank you for so much queer, trans, and diverses music and writings! Thank youuu <3

    • Beth says:

      My pleasure! I’m trying to cut down on my own internet time too (hence going monthly with these roundups), but it’s still fun to keep a list of my favourite things to share when I am indulging in some floaty internet time 🙂

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