Weekend reading + August + Aquarius moon

Pinch, punch, first of the month.

It’s August? Already? Yep. Today is Lammas – which I wrote about yesterday.

The first half of this week was all rain. Rain, rain, rain. Mizzly rain, endless rain, rain that soaks you but not in a nice way, rain that drips in through the window. I felt miserable, listless, everything seemed tooooo damn haaaaard. The water ran out, the electricity ran out, I broke one of my websites – bah! Would my woes never cease?? One night I even had a little cry.

Then the cramps began, and the blood, and I understood why. Woke up the next morning feeling my old bouncy excited self. Whoop! Who cares about rain, life is awesome! But seriously. Every month the same grump, every month the same regular surprise. Will I ever learn?

The sun came out, I felt social again, hung out with friends, had a beer, did some DIY, did some exercise. Magic.

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Last night was a full moon – the moon in Aquarius. This was also a blue moon…anyone know what that means? (I don’t, but it sounds wonderful.) This weekend is also Ladyfest Todmorden! I always dreamed of doing a Ladyfest-type festival in my old Yorkshire hometown of ten years – and now someone has. It’s on all weekend if you wanna check it out – and my old tarot pal Willow Merrymoon is doing a tarot workshop today!

But, alas and hurrah, my dear love Em is back from Scotland today so I won’t be attending. I’ll be snuggling.

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Enough about me! Did you see that Astro DIY is back?

Tabby’s latest post is all about noticing the patterns in your birth chart – the way things are clustered, splayed or neatly arranged is another important element to consider! If you’re new to astrology but want to give this a go, dive in to Astro DIY here – you’ll find everything you need to access and start interpreting your birth chart.

Aaaaaand here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

I said last week was a week of conversation, but this week I took part in one of the biggest conversations I think I’ve ever had! On Autostraddle, bisexual-identifying members of the team started an open comment thread for readers who date men to share their feelings, and committed a stretch of time to watch the thread and answer comments. So much stuff came out about feeling like a queer ‘fraud’, the stereotypes of the ‘bad bisexual’, appearing straight, identity, privilege, erasure, biphobia from both queer and straight communities, low-level microaggressions, labels, not-labels and way way more. Even on a website as queer as Autostraddle, it became apparent how little space there is to talk about those specific ‘I’m queer but I have a male partner’ experiences. There were some 800 comments and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen happen there.

Do you have The Fountain Tarot? Chloe’s got some helpful journalling prompts to help you go deeper with this deck.


I’ve known for ages that I’d like to bring a little meditation into my morning routine. Enter Stop, Breathe and Think, which is a really simple place to spend 10 minutes checking in with how you feel, then doing a short guided meditation. I love its simplicity and have it bookmarked on my browser.

This is a truly brilliant post by Aya de Leon on how to talk to small children about racism. It’s focused on US history, Bree Newsome and the confederate flag, but it’s inspiring to see how someone told this story and you could adapt it to your own context.

Cameron Montgomery on Smart Witches: Embracing my Darkness.

Ashley Oppon at Dreadlock Tarot interviewed me!

I interviewed gender-neutral footwear creator NiK Kacy for my Follow Your Arrow series on queer entrepreneurs. (Seriously though, check these boots.)


I enjoyed Sarah Von Bargen’s list of email auto-responses she has known and loved. Some good ideas here for people whose inboxes cause them stress, distraction and fear.

Mecca Woods on the full moon in Aquarius, and keeping your head above water…

Picking up on trends and currents, Aquarius experiences this intuition by way of aha-moments, rationale, and flashes of insight. As full moons represent culminations and endings of a cycle, this moon represents a much needed goodbye. This is a moon of the future.

Bridget’s been painting.


via notwavingordrowning.com

Page Zafeiriou offers her advice to those new to ‘mystical business’.

Ooof, that was a long one! Make sure you have a good long lie in and someone to bring you endless cups of tea so you can get through all that goodness 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth xx



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  1. Hey! Just FYI – it looks like the link for Cameron Montgomery’s piece on embracing darkness is another link to the Fountain Tarot journal prompts? That one in particular sounds super interesting!

    Have a great Lammas 🙂

  2. Ren D. says:

    That’s what I thought, too, but I read a few days ago that the blue moon in “the olden days” was the 4th full moon in a season, July’s two full moons didn’t qualify as a true blue moon… Nah, life’s short, I’ll take this blue moon as a special event, any cause to celebrate life out of the ordinary is good enough for me!!

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