Weekend reading + having those conversations

This has been a week of conversation.

Conversation with a dear old friend about the importance of personal ritual.

Conversation with my mum – and with many of you – about why I choose the word ‘queer’.

Conversation with Ashley at Dreadlock Tarot about ethnicity and sexuality within tarot reading (watch out for our double-posts on Thursday!)

Conversation with Emilie Wapnick about our favourite (and not so favourite) ‘business books’.

Conversation with many of you about The 4-Hour Work Week (wow, you guys shared my feelings then!? Just a little 🙂

Conversation with the neighbourhood swans about why I don’t have any bread left. (It’s because I already gave it all to you!)

And now I’ve opened up another conversation with you.

In case you missed it, I’ve just opened my Little Red Tarot Lovely People Survey 2016 (always was great at naming things) so you should go do that immediately if you haven’t already!

Go – tell me about yourself!

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Jammy would love it if you did.

Amongst all the talking, here’s some reading for your weekend:

This short, thought-provoking post on COM|Passionate Revolt feels like the starting point I’ve been waiting for for opening up dialogue around the importance of queering our tarot and radicalising our self-care. Do you believe?

This short essay on fatphobia within midwifery care is an important read.

In her 100 Days Without Fear project, Michele Poler is confronting 100 fears, head on. It’s really amazing!

Emilie is running a Puttyretreat, for multipotentialites! (How much do I want to go to this?? I’m *literally* looking at flights.)

Did you see this round-up of eight queer tarot decks? You’re welcome 😀

Ashley Oppon on her first year as a professional tarot reader: My First Year: Money, Haters, and More.

Carolyn Elliot on the seven struggles of magical entrepreneurs.

Young queers and old, graduates, school-leavers, people generally flailing a little or a lot. read this: An open letter to everyone afraid of failure.

Enjoy! This weekend I’m helping out at a fundraising day in Ancoats, and doing a few much-needed DIY jobs around the boat.

Whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful weekend!

Beth xx


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  1. But… but… there was no room to talk about the other pets that we might have! The cat is good and all, but my first love might be the turtle (who I usually call Turtle, but does have a proper name). 🙂

  2. Johoanna says:

    Thanks for all the cool links. I’m really loving “the seven struggles of magical entrepreneurs”. Really need that one at the moment.

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