Weekend reading + teeny tiny babies

It’s been a funny few weeks.

Since arriving home from the US my emotions have been all over the place – sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes both at once. Sick of the web, I’ve taken extended spells away from my desk…and then, since Wednesday, worked 14-hour days on one single exciting web project. I feel like I’ve achieved a bunch of things whilst flaking on others, over-delivered on some things but let a few people down. In short, it’s been a strange, messy time.

Partly, it’s the fallout from the ritual I performed last new moon. There was a lot to process after that night – much more than I’d realised. There’s a lot of swirling, a lot of emerging, a lot of realising.

I’m not the wateriest of people, for sure, but it’s like I’m being forced to experience everything via my emotions right now, rather than via my mind (my comfort zone).

But this morning, something changed.

There’s been a goose sitting on a nest right outside my window since I got home. Sitting, sitting, sitting. Around the marina, other geese’s other eggs had hatched – little goslings swimming around merrily. But on our nest…nothing.

Last week, Em and I sadly agreed that the eggs would probably never hatch and that the goose should leave her nest. But she didn’t. Every day, seeing the goose, sitting there, and her mate nearby, watching and waiting, I felt more and more depressed. Move on I urged her. Let go. It’s hopeless. And that hopeless sight was kinda unavoidable – right outside the window. Any time I looked out of the boat…there she was.

But this morning – they hatched! Four tiny fuzzy newborn goslings peep-peeping about in the grass, nudged onwards by a mum who’s probably happiest about stretching her poor legs for the first time in almost a month.

And Oh My God – the relief I felt was immense. Em and I jumping around the boat, hugging and laughing. I want to throw a party for that little family. I honestly hadn’t realised the effect those unhatched eggs were having on my life.

Photo 03-05-2015 13 13 22

This is a different family, with babies born a few weeks ago – but just so you can share in the cuteness.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Despite a vague hangover, I felt bright as a button, warm and safe for the first time in ages, and a welcome sense of *having my shit together*.

The new moon is in Taurus tomorrow/Monday night. I’ll be checking in with myself, looking back over the weeks since my ritual, using the dark sky as a blank canvas ready for the next step in this weird old journey.

And next week – an announcement for you guys!

YES, I have finally built the social network I’ve been banging on about for ages. It’s taken me three attempts and six months and I’ve wanted to quit about 20 times but we’re honestly, actually, nearly there.

I’ll be launching it next week and everybody’s invited, so watch this space!

Here’s some reading for your Saturday lie-in or lazy Sunday afternoon.

Chani Nicholas on the new moon in Taurus – meditations, energies, how to understand and make the most of this time. Chani has this way of explaining astrology in the most beautiful, relevant way – I’m absolutely addicted to her site.

What?! They’re remaking The Craft!!!!

Tarot reader Carrie on What I wish I knew then about choosing a career.

I want all the gay t-shirts!

Do you identify as trans*? Want a tarot reading? Tarotcat’s new tarot column starts in the quarterly TransLiving magazine in September and he wants to read for you!

Have you heard of Unroll Me? It unsubscribes you from all those mailing lists you’re on! Emma’s doing it right now as I write this and get this, she’s on 219 lists. 219!! (Or rather…she was.)

Photo 16-05-2015 08 59 21

Sheer joy.

Finding Our People – a beautiful essay on queer community by Courtney Klink.

Like a gay fairy tale, you walk into a family of incredible humans that accept you in all your queerness and polyness and with all of your kinks AND they are so fucking queer (and poly! and kinky!) you can barely handle it AND these magical bastards think that every word of passionate discussion on gender politics you utter is the sexiest thing they’ve ever heard. WTF. You people exist? You mean you’ve been here the whole time?!

Stirred Poetry are holding a Mary Wollstonecraft night on Monday at the People’s History Museum.

Danielle’s getting her film developed. Check out that stunning photo of Mount Hood, Oregon. (That reminds me I have a bunch to send off…)

Are you excited about the new season of Orange is the New Black? I AM! Here’s a trailer!

Time to talk Bull: The Astroherbology of Taurus by Alexis J Cunningfolk


A video from Ethony on how to choose your first tarot deck.

I’ve mentioned Cecile Emeke’s video series Strolling before but hell, have it again. It’s amazing.

‘Strolling’ is an online film series by London director and writer Cecile Emeke, where we go on a stroll with people in various cities and countries around the world, having refreshingly raw and honest conversations about various issues at the forefront of their society. We touch on everything from feminism, sexuality, gender, race and politics to philosophy, art, history, and everything else you can think of.

Watch the whole series here. And if you live in/near London, a feature-length edition will be screened as part as Rich Mix on 6th July. Go go go!

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to.

Beth xx


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  1. Aww. This post gave me goosebumps. Those sweet little babes. 🙂 I’ve very recently started following your site and I love it. Starting your course here in a few weeks too cannot wait. ???? Super excited for the social network too. Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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