Weekend reading: Hey, come vanish into an internet vortex with me!

Tis the season.

The season of what exactly, depends on a whole bunch of factors, but in the western world, Christmas feels pretty inescapable, no matter your religion, beliefs, feelings, philosophy, family relations.

So I thought it might be helpful to provide a lovely internet vortex into which you may vanish at any point you need.


Let’s start with a soothing song. Hit play! (If you’re reading this via email, click on through for the media player.)


There are about a gazillion wonderful new things coming to the Little Red Tarot Shop in 2018! From Dori Midnight’s supportive elixirs to a selection of independently-published tarot and oracle decks, I’m beyond honoured to be working with a raft of new creators this year. (Hey, wanna to be kept in the loop? Join my #Decklust list for a monthly roundup of what’s new in store, or follow the shop on Instagram!)

Here are your Radical Tarotscopes from Siobhan Rene & co | I wrote this month’s Scorpio ‘scope, and I’m in great company – Theresa Reed, Diana Chin, Tara Nikita and others have all shared their tarot wisdom this month.

A spell for coming home, from Corina Dross and Jocelyn Moser’s 2017 calendar. (And here’s the 2018 calendar!)

Listen to Alex Franzen read her helpful book, You’re Going to Survive. It’s about dealing with failure, rejection and setbacks in your life and work. Bonus link! Our very own Cassandra Snow chatted with Alex about the inspiration for this book right here.

From the Circo Tarot, by Marisa de la Peña

The Moon is for lovers: Living with your lunar self | Luke Dani Blue shows us how our moon sign impacts on our love-lives and relationships when we decide to move in together.

Breitbart reporter worries ‘feminist witches’ are placing hexes on Trump | Spat my tea out laughing. “‘They have these other women which they can kind of get together and have a weird time with,’ he explained. Be very afraid, my friend.

Your empowerment word | Try Benebell Wen’s intriguing logomancy tool and generate a word of empowerment!

If you want to get mystical and fancy, before you hit “Generate,” whisper a petition, prayer, invocation, evocation, call upon your spirit guides, do what you got to do to feel like the moment is special, and then get your random number.

My gender is Saturn return | I LOVE THIS COMIC.

Ask a feelings-witch: Sex, shame and sluts | Carly Boyce AKA Tiny Lantern Tarot’s readings are always profound, kickass, supportive and brilliant.

Home | Corina Dross and Jocelyn Moser’s December spell is all about bringing you home. PSST: you can pick up the 2018 calendar of small spells here in the Little Red Tarot Shop!

1997 / 2007 / 2017 | Angharad marks the changes in this quietly beautiful post. Content note: suicide.

Lunar teas and slow magick | Alexis J Cunningfolk on the healing power of herb-crafting, and a recipe for Lunar Love Spell Tea.

Walking home after class, carrying a heart full of  healing vibes, and an empty tea canister, I was reminded that magick can be sudden but it’s most often slow. It requires us to trust in the long run. Magick asks us to trust in our future self even when we’re uncertain about who we currently are. And while magick doesn’t provide a predictable journey it’ll always provides a path. 

You know you’re a multipotentialite when…

The wonderful Kristen has created a new oracle deck! Check out Inner Flame Oracle Cards here – they’re designed to reflect and assist with creative process.

The messy middle of alchemy | Trauma counsellor Rachael Maddox with a reminder that when you’re deep in ‘doing the work’, there can be stuck patches, where the magic doesn’t flow like you want it to.

You know the spot.

The one where you’re a third of the way through some dark portal you don’t quite understand. Maybe you’re in a dry spell. A sad lull. A frantic panic because the magic isn’t happening no matter how bad you want it.

Thorn Mooney wrote a book on Wicca! Just, like, FYI.

The problem with mid-life is that we think life is over | This is a nice post on turning 40 (or 50, or 60…)

Hawthorn Heart | Andi Grace’s radical online course in magical boundary skills and protection magic for femmes. (THIS IS AMAZING, by the way).

Image via Andi Grace/Witch Cabinet

Here’s your 2018 horoscope from Seagoat Astrology!

Belt of Venus“When the sky holds a pink hue along the horizon line a few moments before or after sunset, it’s known in stargazer circles as the Belt of Venus.” Cat Cabral on the goddess of love, seduction and sex work.

Winter folklore (and beautiful vintage illustrations) from mythologist Terri Wilding.

Cashing in on feminism | THIS. If your politics are for real it is SO important to discern the difference between bandwagon profiteers and genuine grassroots intersectional feminist media sources dedicated to the revolution. (See also Autostraddle, the F Word, Wear Your Voice, and countless others. These sites aren’t run for profit and need your support! Visit these sites regularly? Subscribe and donate – it matters!)

The difference is that for Bitch, “profit” means investing in our community: Every dollar you donateevery $8 membership that our B-Hive members contributeevery $30 that subscribers provide? It goes directly back into the work: To paying writers, offering fellowships, amplifying artists, sending speakers to college campuses, and making independent, truly feminist media.

A roundup of Cristy Tending’s best self care advice.

Falling Together | Krista Tippet talks to Rebecca Solnit for On Being.

We need to live before we’re helped to die | D H Kelly argues that disabled people’s anti-euthanasia argument is a fundamentally anti-capitalist one.

From the Hidden Light Tarot by Oly Starfrosting

The Hanged Man: The art of allowing | Some interpretations on a much misunderstood card that encourages non-action.

Cultivate your drive: Capricorn season | Kier explains the hardworking energy of December-into-January.



The Muslim holiday debate: Germany mulls the meaning of religious freedom

I want you to know the sexual healing I know | Survivor and trauma counsellor Rachael Maddox shows that sexual healing is possible.

How I learned to resist geek consumerism | This is an important post, and could easily be transposed to tarot and woo communities. The consumerism that inevitably accompanies any hobby or interest (no matter how niche) is a class issue, a race issue, an issue of privilege and one of capitalism.

While nerd cred is your credibility as a nerd, geek consumerism is the pressure to constantly spend money on pop products. Both nerd cred and geek consumerism are related to each other in that the more money you spend, the better your nerd cred is perceived to be.

Latonya Pennington

Find out about Right to Remain’s work in communities across the UK.

Watch ‘The Journey’, Majid Adnin’s flm for Help Refugees | “As many families gather round Christmas trees, open gifts and share dinners with relatives during this festive holiday, countless child refugees battle freezing conditions, isolated and alone. Close to 1 in every 200 children across the globe are now displaced.”

The forgotten story of Hawthorn | One of my favourite trees.

Here’s a tarot spread for working with anxiety, from Asali Earthwork.

So your Saturn return’s ending | Another gem from Kier at Moonstone Astrology.

Okay, okay, that’s enough! I’m at Em’s dad’s house in Lincolnshire, the pie is about to come out of the oven and I need to go be social.

But there’s more, there’s always more – if you want more links to explore, further rabbit holes to vanish into, more lists to scroll through… be my guest.

Oh, one last thing. I thought you might wanna see this picture of Keith’s cat, Gus. Let him be an example to us all this holiday season. An example of what, exactly, is up to you – I feel like various handy metaphors could be applied.

With so much love to you, 

Beth x

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