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 I hope you’ve got all day cos this is a long one.

Image and action by Greenpeace

January, freakin’ January. What can I say.

Last night was the new moon in Aquarius for some of us. For others, that event, the lunar new year, is tonight. Here’s where my head is at right now.

Here are pictures of women’s marches on every continent of this tiny huge connected big world. (My internet is too slow to load that post, but I’m guessing it’s a good thing to see.)

Also, who didn’t go to the march matters more than who did.

This week activist and tarot artist Cristy C Road blogged about a renewed sense of urgency surrounding the collective activism against the march of the right:

I would like to start the year addressing the need for Revolution. Completing the Next World Tarot has taken on new meaning, although not new enough because the fight for ownership of our bodies never stopped in disenfranchished communities. The Next World is about destroying the white supremacist, misogynist foundations of our police state; and destroying the seeds being planted by those who suddenly feel empowered by the hateful bigotry fuelling our new U.S. Presidency.
Cristy C Road

You can support Cristy’s work by buying beautiful prints of the Next World Tarot! Like this one!

The Knight of Swords, from the Next World Tarot by Cristy C Road

Know what else is seriously rad? Asali – a regular writer around these parts and on her own blog, Asali Earthwork – is starting her own column on Little Red Tarot.

I know right!

It’s called Ritual & Honey and it starts on Tuesday.

It was my birthday last weekend! Em whisked me off down to the ever-brilliant city of Glasgow. We attended the a solidarity demo organised by Free Pride and Glasgow Feminist Collective – it was small and mighty and felt like a truly safe place for anyone to take the mic and discuss their fears and their ideas. This demo was also protesting the SWP’s (larger) anti-Trump demo happening at the same time.

We also caught Hurray for the Riff Raff (have you heard these guys they’re truly brilliant) and Manchester By the Sea (oof, now that’s a depressing film.) And as this trip involved 12 hours on a coach, I also listened to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was about 500 times better than I thought it was gonna be. Anyone else read it?

We’ve had visitors this month, lots of visitors. It’s been lovely, sharing our home with friends – something Em and I haven’t been able to do for ages. My little brother was up last week which meant I finally got to make one of the ‘must do’ Skye walks – the Old Man of Storr. It is indeed an epic piece of rock.

We also went searching for dinosaur footprints on Staffin beach but, well, the tide was in. #fail.

Meanwhile…it’s the weekend!

Here’s lots and lots of interesting/important/fun stuff to read. Get the kettle on, plump up those pillows and enjoy!

Let’s begin with a beautiful song by SZA. Hit play! This is gonna be the soundtrack to my weekend. (Reading this via email? Click on through for the music player.)

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Marching on…

I am my sister’s keeper | Read Janet Mock’s speech.

Here’s the story behind one particularly important photo.

If you’re a white woman thinking, “What’s next? Everything seems insurmountable,” welcome to the fucking party. Listen to a black woman.
Angela Peoples

Why Jamilah Lemieux skipped the Women’s March on Washington.

5 things we need white people to do after Trump’s election | Clear instructions from Koko Ntuen.

In wake of marching: listen, connect, organise | A really helpful post from Andi Grace, with thoughts on the many conflicting perspectives of and responses to last week’s marches.

multiple truths can exist simultaneously. its possible that these marches were profoundly meaningful AND exclusionary. what i know to be true is that a march is a momentary show of force and without long term organizing and relationship building the force of this mo(ve)ment will dwindle to nothing. so go out. listen. build relationships. read. share your story. and most importantly. learn to believe each other. this system feeds on systematic violence and deeply internalized feelings of isolation and difference. we can’t over come this difference by acting like it does not exist. we need to see it as our greatest strength.
Andi Grace

On being (and doing) enough for the resistance | Ever feel like your activism isn’t ‘enough’? Read this, from Jeanna Kadlec.

Tarot for the resistance: What is my place in the movement? | Abbie shares a reading with her Slow Holler Tarot to explore her shifting role in political resistance.

Here’s how some folks are gonna stay strong for the fight ahead

Here’s a witch’s resistance & action list

And here’s a reading list for your revolution.

Action and image by Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants

In other news

What it means to ‘hold space’ for people | Holding space is an important skill for a tarot reader…but what does it actually mean? Heather Plett explains beautifully.

How to make astrology a regular practice in your life | Tabby’s back with some helpful tips!

The New Dark Ages: An astrological guide to the next 3 years | Amelia Quint’s take.

In Conversation with Esmé Weijun Wang: On Self-Taught Astrology & Planning by the Stars | Amelia interviews Esme Wang = brilliant.

Errrrm YES PLEASE! Soofiya is making a tarot deck and the aesthetic is totally 80s new wave.

Meanwhile, have you seen these beautiful enamel pins by Mildred Louis? Each one is one of tarot’s queens. Back back back it!

Here’s an introduction to Jungian archetypes in the tarot

Breaking down the Celtic Cross | Theresa Reed talks us through every position in this classic – but intimidating – tarot spread.

Here’s a tarot spread for breaking a bad habit, from Sonja at Still We Dream Tarot.

Are you addicted to dopamine? | AKA social media ‘seeking’ addiction?

One thing at a time | A brilliant little comic showing what happened when one girl quit multitasking.

The disease of being busy | Omid Safi asks how is your heart, today?

Want to meet Noel Arthur Heimpel, creator of the Numinous Tarot? | Here they are!

Image via Noel Arthur Heimpel.

Related: Not seen the Numinous Tarot? Here’s a wonderful peek into Noel’s project.

How to make dandelion root coffee | Cos, oh yeah, I made a website for the Scottish Radical Herbal Network.

Gabby Riviera’s mum showed her daughter that she supports her being gay | Please read if you feel sad.

8 queer/feminist comics to get your friends into comics | I thought some of you might need this.

Where your book begins | A journalling 101.

By Emma Dajska for Rookie

Squatters turned oligarch’s empty London mansion into a homeless shelter | Squatting was outlawed when the Conservatives took power but that didn’t stop these guys.

What does it mean to decolonize travel? | Amy Lam talks to travel writer Bani Amor for Bitch.

This is what life is like for refugee mothers living in Greece

Nice Girls vs Kind Women | Asia Sular breaks it down. (I don’t know how many times I need to be shown my ‘nice girl’ conditioning, but each time it happens, it helps.)

How to make space for a fierce femme future | ON IT.

And here’s a photo of me at 35. Hi!

That’s all from me, lovely people! Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to.

Love and love,

Beth x

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      I’m generally skeptical about self-help-y books, but Big Magic was really refreshing and brilliant – I totally recommend it. It deals with fear and creativity in a really real way, and makes you feel free, like you can just go for it with anything your heart desires, and not take your creative urges too seriously (definitely something I struggle with!)

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