Weekend reading + bread not boats


Happy first weekend of April, people! As I write this post on 1st April another fierce storm is battering Skye, shaking our house and cancelling ferries.

Which is rather sad, because just across the choppy Sound of Sleat is Emma’s mum, waiting to come on over! It’s Em’s birthday (yep, she’s an April fool!) and Maggie and her partner thought they would pay a surprise visit and see our new home… but alas. No Skye boats today. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, she’ll have made the short journey.


So near, yet so far…

Meanwhile, lots of lovely new things in the shop!

If you’ve not visited the Little Red Tarot Shop in a while, you might want to check out a new range of books on earth-based spirituality by one of my favourite authors, Glennie Kindred, as well as two oracle decks: Visions: A Crystal Oracle Deck, and Moon Angels – both gorgeous decks by independent artists, lovingly shipped across the pond for your card-slinging pleasure.

I’m so careful about the things I stock in my shop, preferring to grow slowly and only stock the most magical goodies I come across. I’m really excited about sharing all of these new items with you guys.

I’ve not had a lot of time for internet-reading lately, but a rainy birthday afternoon provided a welcome chance for some chill-time. Cue lots of pottering, bread-making and computer time – and in-between kneading, proving and nearly arranging the woodpile, I unearthed these gems for you!

Let’s begin with a song. Hit play! (If you’re reading this by email, click through to the post to get the media player.)

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/218983546″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Fuelling social justice work with tarot | Abbie on climate activism, social justice and how her tarot work will always be an essential side-gig.

How to determine timing with tarot cards | A helpful guide for predictive readers, from Kristen at Over the Moon Oracle Cards.

Tarot is a language of symbols, here are some starting points | I wrote this basic introductory guide to get you looking more closely at the images you see in your cards.


Cards from the Laughing Eye, Weeping Eye Tarot

Our Evolving Sexuality: “When Do I Become Queer Enough to Claim Queerness?”

Soul Trees: Deck review and interview | The one and only Jeanna Kladec of Bluestockings Boutique reviewed an oracle deck to help you become your very best tree self.

On performing in The Vagina Monologues when you don’t have a vagina

He’s waiting. She’s listening | If you write a blog and fret that nobody is reading it, read this. Then write on.

Zaha Hadid: My inconsolable loss | Thoughts on the death of a world-renowned, pioneering, patriarchy-defying architect.

13371236753_2c2231ccd8_ovia Flickr

Siobhan’s Mirror ‘Scopes for March 21st – April 20th | Each month, our very own Siobhan Rene collects together tarot readers to write ‘tarotscopes’ for the 12 zodiac signs. This month, I wrote for Leo! I’m honoured to be in such great company writing these posts.

The legacy of hoodoo within the black church | A short history of African spirituality, its oppression and survival under enslavement and how if finds expression within the Black Church in the US.

The heavy influence of Hoodoo within the Black Church received considerable anti-Black denigration after the Civil War, once the spiritual practice increasingly gained the attention of the white public. The obvious African influence within Southern spiritual worship was cited as a cause for concern in the former slave states, and a threat to white supremacy within America’s religious hierarchy.

Here are your queer horoscopes for April | Corina Dross’s astrological forecasts on Autostraddle.

What’s the hardest thing about being a tarot reader? The answer might surprise you.

Japaridze Tarot review | This colourful, surrealist deck has been on my ‘ooohhh…should I…?’ list (it’s a long one) for ages…so I was excited to watch Carrie Mallon’s great video review.

You’ll also find a brilliant interview with the Japaridze Tarot over on Marianne’s blog, Two Sides Tarot.


via Two Sides Tarot

Interview with tarot reader and zine writer Maranda Elizabeth | A brilliant conversation between Andi Grace and Maranda Elizabeth, a tarot reader who centres their work on disability justice.

Madness, illness, creativity, and spirituality are continually invalidated parts of my life, and yet they are the most crucial – they are my entire being. While I’m often quiet about my spiritual practices (I’m a solitary, and I think about, “to know / to will / to dare / to keep silent” a whole lot), I also feel the need to connect magic and trauma, and to talk about healing as a non-linear, unending process – I will always be healing, not healed, recovering, not recovered.


As you may know, after two months of volunteering here, last week Em and I (and two wee furry people) moved to Skye for good. Well, for a year – to find out if we want to move here for good. Here’s a photo-diary of the move!


And if you’re curious about the weird, chaotic and wonderful place I’m calling home, it’s Skye Forest Garden and you can find lots of photos here.

That’s all from me! I’m off to cut my disgracefully shaggy hair and take m’lady out for dinner at the local pub. Have a fabulous weekend, whatever you’re up to!
Loads of love,
Beth x

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  1. abbie says:

    Oh no! I hope the storm clears up soon so you can reunite with Emma’s mum!

    This is a great roundup – thank you for including Northern Lights Witch! I’m eager to watch/read the two reviews of the Japaridze deck – I use that deck a lot, and have found it’s particularly good for shadow work.

  2. Maggie says:

    Made the journey, Skye is beautiful, exciting, peaceful and challenging. Skye Forest Garden is a work of love and commitment. Funny wonderful late birthday celebrations

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