Weekend readin’ + new year dreamin’

Meep! It’s the last linky round-up of the year! Here’s a whole load of things I’ve read this month that nurture the aspirational vibe of the season. Glass of port optional but encouraged.

See you in 2016! xx

>> The Project Spiral: A tarot spread to help kickstart your creative plans | Shonna’s simple and brilliant five-card spread to get you going with whatever you’re working on.

>> One hundred beautiful, non-existent pictures: on starting over. | Esme Wang on presence, reality, and film photography. It’s even better if you listen to Esme reading it.

>> My photographs | Speaking of film photography, did you know I have a little photo blog? Here you’ll find collections of 35mm photographs from over the years (and a few digital albums too). And I just sent off 7 old films I found in the back of a cupboard. One of my new year’s resolutions is to do a *lot* more of this.


>> 52 ways to get the fuck out of your urban nightmare | Is city life doing your head in? Is your resolution for 2016 to think seriously about moving to the sticks? (Mine is, even though I only recently left…) Here are lots of ideas to help.

>> A time to check in on the questions you’re living within | Do you find yourself asking the same questions, year after year?

I haven’t solved what I’m sure is going to be a lifelong struggle with no’s and yes’s, but I do feel a sense of serenity around this particular set of questions. I’ve wrestled with them. I’ve experimented with them. I’ve sometimes resented them. And ultimately, I’m moving on from them.

Courtney E Martin, in On Being

>> Badass Desktops Make You Look Like a Genius | Get your computer looking neat and fancy!

>> I want to give you more | Liz Worth with thoughts on new year’s resolutions, and a guided meditation and worksheet to help you work with yours.

>> Quirky Rican Book Pics 2015 | Gabrielle Riviera shares her amazing reading list.

>> Follow Your Arrow: Artist/Activist/Academic Miyuki Baker Wants to Do All Of The Things | Read it. Get inspired. Go!

>> Constantly worried about how others perceive us | In a word, it’s unavoidable. We all care about how we are seen.

We can’t just completely forget about it — it’s not in our human nature. We can tell ourselves that “other people’s opinions don’t matter” or “no one is really thinking about us” but it won’t stop our brains from worrying about it.

So what can we do?

>> 10 Contemporary Short Story Collections to Read | Start the new year by discovering new work by women writers.

>> The secret sauce to making really big goals happen | A step-by-step guide to making yourself a step-by-step guide to achieving that huge project you really want to do this year…

>> Just let’s not call these ‘productivity tips’ | …or you might try this slightly less professional approach, which is basically 1. get totally obsessed, 2, do it till it’s done. Also includes cleaning your desk.


>> SELFIE | Rachel Smye’s seven-part essay on the personal and political in the selfie.

>> I should have chosen my own happiness over my children’s | Motherhood philosophy from the mind of Malaka.

>> Drawn to the Land | I saw Sophie Gerrard’s photographs of six women farmers at Edinburgh’s Portrait Gallery.


© Sophie Gerrard

>> Questions to ask yourself before giving up | A poem to put on your wall.

Have you uncoiled the ropes of your legs
and strung them along the length of the city
today? Have you let a lake or a snow bank
sketch silent letters on your back?
When did you last give away

your unworn clothes, your well-fitting
metaphors? Tell a neighbour or a person across
the coffee shop counter how well
they catch the light.

Kaitlyn Boulding, via Guts Magazine

RELATED >> How to deal with anxiety | Whether you have clinically-diagnosed anxiety or experience random-seeming episodes of stomach-churning insomnia (like me), Emile Wapnick’s simple, actionable advice serves as a helpful reminder to care for yourself when things get bad.

>> Best Tarot Business Advice from 22 Tarot Pros | Theresa Reed asked professional tarot readers for their top business tips.

And finally, here’s a picture of Cally-dog, following her dreams, now, forever and always.

File 02-11-2015, 12 29 39

Have an amazing new year folks!

Loads and loads of love,

Beth x


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  1. Shonna says:

    Aw, Beth! Thank you for sharing my tarot spread, and all this other good stuff (I especially eat up the productivity and planning articles — Virgo ascendent, yo). xoxo Happy Holidays and all the very most bestest everything to you and yours in 2016!

  2. Vera says:

    Hi, Beth! I’ve been waiting for your final post this year so I could thank you — I’m new to tarot, and your blog has been my biggest inspiration so far! Thank you for all your amazing posts and the wonderful, insightful things you’ve shared. 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays, and I wish you the best new year to come! See you in 2016! X

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