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I’m moving to Edinburgh! Just for one month – Em’s got a timber-frame building job up there so I’m tagging along. We’ve got a cute waterside apartment in Leith (with a bath, oh my goodness.) So today, Sunday, we packed up our mate’s car with a few clothes, a coffee pot and the contents of my shop, and headed north to the Scottish border and beyond.

I’m intending to use this ‘month out’ as a chance to focus on the new tarot course I’m creating. In response to readers’ continued pleas for help actually learning what the cards mean I’m putting together an accessible card-by-card course which will fit into the busiest of schedules and help you get to know each and every card.

I’ve been sketching this course out for months. I have notebooks full of notes and files all over my desktop. During my month in Edinburgh I plan to pull all of this together into a complete online course – and it will be launched in January. As always – watch this space!

Cool stuff to read…

>> Put your life into flight mode | Being constantly on-call makes us stressed, anxious and unhappy. Shocker, right? But most of us can take control over this.

>> Witchy Read-a-thon | Been meaning to read more witchy books? Here’s a four-day challenge taking place in December, courtesy of the Domestic Witch.

>> This is what a queer lingerie shoot looks like | Heads up – it has tarot cards and Settlers of Catan. New life goal: become an underthings model.


Via Bluestockings Boutique. Photo by Michelle Davidson-Schapiro.

>> Winter is Coming: Diary of a SAD girl | Writer Heather Hogan suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. She’s going to be journalling her experiences with SAD every fortnight over on Autostraddle.

Time Change Sunday is my personal gateway to hell. It gets dark earlier (and then earlier and earlier). It gets cold in the morning and night (and then stays cold all day and all day). I stay inside to keep warm and then I stay inside because I don’t want to leave and then I stay inside because I can’t get out of bed. In recent years, I have been flattened by Seasonal Affective Disorder nearly every winter. SAD, it’s called. SAD.

>> Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes on Autostraddle | Corina Dross, artist, astrologer and creator of Portable Fortitude has started a monthly column on relationship-focused horoscopes. And they’re beautiful.

>> Flax & Gold Astrology is live and wonderful | I built Corina’s new website – we’re both super-proud of it. Take a peek!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 16.39.28

>> On Restorative Journalling and the Rawness of Remembering | Esme Wang has a new multimedia programme to help you journal your

ALSO: Look out for an amazing guest post from Esme on Tuesday!

>> Why New Calls For A ‘Gentler’ Drug War Are Racist and Classist

>> Building Bridges: A simple framework for sustainable growth | More wisdom from Sarah J Bray on building a sustainable community around your work,

>> Women Making Electronic Music 1938-2014 | Delia Derbyshire et al.


Via openculture.com

>> Science Won’t Save Us: How Medicine Enforces Social Norms

…nothing is apolitical – even science. Science is yet another tool that benefits those who are in power to the detriment of those who are actively being worked to disempower. When we uncritically accept and circulate these scientific findings, we forget about whose standards are being appealed to, and worse, we ignore science’s fraught history within our own communities.

Caleb Luna via Black Girl Dangerous

>> Overcoming the 10 biggest obstacles to creating | This is a nice, straightforward run-through of the main reasons we procrastinate doing things we actually want to do, with common-sense advice about getting past them.

>> What if you didn’t give up? | Really though.

>> Tough Little Bitches: A rallying cry for my boss babes | Gala Darling has encouragement for women entrepreneurs.

>> Activating your strange jewels | A tarot spread from Carrie at Happy Fish Tarot.

>> Tangerine | Has anyone seen this amazing film? It’s the story of two real-life-friends trans women and the entire thing was shot on a mobile phone and it blew everyone away at Sundance! It’s available on Amazon right now and DVD and iTunes later this month.

>> I need a dose of reality | My mental health has been in slow decline for months, and in part, this is down to me spending way too much time in front of my computer. I’m resolving to change the way I work.

That’s yer lot, folkses. There were so many more links and reousrces I wanted to share but hell, I gotta dash. The boat is a tip, the catsitters are coming any moment and everything’s ridiculously hectic right now. Although the weekend is nearly over, have a fabulous Sunday afternoon!


Beth x

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