Weekend reading + back to school nerves

No lying in bed reading tinterwebs for me I’m afraid.

This morning is the first of the six-week Write Like a Grrrl writing workshop in Manchester.

I’ve never done writing in a ‘formal’ environment before and I’m excited about the opportunity to get together with other women to explore our creativity and encourage each other. Not that I think this will be particularly ‘formal’ – I just mean that I’ve never actually invested in my writing in this way before. I’m kinda nervous but mostly excited and curious 🙂

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But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice lazy morning reading awesome articles and watching great videos!

Here’s the best of the internet (IMHO) from last week.

Kristen (who’s shared some fantastic posts here on Little Red Tarot) at Over the Moon Oracle Cards explains how to make your own oracle deck – it’s amazingly simple to create something really professional.

Here’s a great video on shadow work from Mindy at The Pure Ritual – what it is, and an approach to doing shadow work with tarot/oracle cards.

Portland’s Northwest Tarot Symposium is making plans for 2016! Find out about next year’s conference here. (You can read my write-up of the 2015 conference here – it was basically amazing and Barbara Moore was there, so.)

I’m so glad people are starting to talk more about ‘the cult of busy’ – this hare-brained culture among solo business people, freelancers etc where we can’t possibly find time for leisure activities because we’re, like, working all the damn time. This essay by Dina Kaplan puts it particularly well.

Ashley at Dreadlock Tarot on how starting a spiritual business has changed her life.

Benebell Wen reviews The Way of the Horse oracle deck. This looks beautiful!


Image via benebellwen.com

Sara Elise Hardman talks about rape, an abusive boyfriend and her multi-racial identity in the latest video from Styled Like You (these videos are getting better and better all the time.)

I’ve just discovered Tayler Smith’s photography and can’t stop thinking how many of her shots look like tarot cards, to me. (What an amazing deck that would be…)

Stirred Poetry gathered women together to create a collaborative piece on street harassment.

Sarah at The Tarot Parlor on getting called out by your tarot cards.

A helpful and encouraging post from A X Ruiz on recognising when we get things wrong, and forgiving ourselves afterwards.

…if you frequent us here, I can probably guess a few things about you. You probably care about social justice. You probably recognize and loathe some isms and phobias — sexism, racism, ableism, classism, healthism, homophobia, transphobia, and just so many more. […]

You’re also inevitably going to get it wrong — and you almost certainly have done so at some point already.

COM|Passionate Revolt is one of my favourite blogs. It’s key focus is an intersectional approach to spirituality, relationships and wellbeing and the writers are awesome. Here’s Courtney Clink sharing thoughts, ideas, dilemmas and revelations from a queer, polyamorous, purveyor of love, sex, and connection, Dia Davina.

Speaking of which, have you heard about the Contemporary Relationships Conference in Austin in May? You have now!

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  1. mindy719 says:

    Thank you for the shoutout and for compiling all of these amazing articles/videos. Reading everything gave me a sense of empowerment and encouragement. I felt like I can tackle, face my fears and to do what I want to do in my life in the most authentic way possible

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