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  1. Ren D. says:

    Me too, ME TOO! I re-messed up my back, trying to do to much too soon!! (OK, being an idiot, did I really need to move that bag of gravel right then? Seriously, it’s a bag full of rocks!) I turned to my cards and got some beautiful wisdom, something I don’t normally do — usually I just see what the cards are up to without asking anything specific for myself, but I read a really strong message that helped me not to be so scared, formulate a plan for what my lie ahead medically, and especially, reminded me that no one is ever really alone (I live by myself). What a beautiful thing that is.
    Is there any way you can be still for a couple of days? Act like a really sick person who has to stay mostly in bed? It’s the hardest thing, when so much needs doing, but the 48 hour down time really can make a difference. I hope you feel better so soon!

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