Weekend reading + not getting a thing done

Ever had one of those weeks where no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get a damn thing done? Or one where everything seems to be going wrong? Or both?

From my stove breaking (which means I can’t heat my home) to no running water (an ongoing saga) to the internet going down at my studio (just: argh), to my slipped disk slipping again, to an emergency boat move (without an engine – fun and games I can tell you), it’s been a tough week for getting things done. And it’s not just me – the electrician who was coming to fix some of my ongoing boat problems tore his retina and obviously therefore couldn’t make it.

I feel like every promise I’ve made this week, I’ve broken. Emails from wonderful people – many with guest posts for the blog – sit unacknowledged, the delicate web of life-admin is unravelling fast and I nearly didn’t manage to get my mum a birthday present (massive daughter fail.) I’ve sat down to do tarot readings and the words just haven’t come. I’ve taken shop orders to the post office, only to find it closed. Aside from a couple of cobbled-together news items and a wonderful guest post, I’ve not checked in with my blog or given a moment’s thought to the work I truly love. Even this good old weekend reading is late!

the comet theas tarot

The Comet, from Thea’s Tarot by Ruth West. (This card corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune in traditional decks, but feels like a far more appropriate depiction this week!)

Well as Alex Franzen would say, the week is not over yet. Sound, motivational words. The week is not over yet and today, a grey, cold October Sunday in Manchester, I am going to change the trajectory of this whole week. I have my list. I have a brain full of little ideas. I have wonderful readers to engage with, strong painkillers and a deep heat patch. And I have coffee.

In other news, my neighbour Dave got a tiny kitten! Here’s Kat, with Dexter the Giant Rottweiler. Two seconds before this was taken, Dexter’s tongue was wrapped all around Kat and honestly, she was absolutely loving it. Looks like these two are gonna be such great pals.

File 18-10-2015 08 58 21

And here’s some great stuff to read!

>> The Augenblick Tarot | A gorgeous new tarot project using painted lithographs from the early 20th century. Follow along on Tumblr!

>> People reveal their deepest insecurities around being trans | Collected stories of trans people explaining the fears that they carry or have carried. Take five minutes to watch this short video and think about how you help make the world safer, more accepting and less emotionally tough for trans and non-binary people.

>> Halloween, Samhain, & the Thinning Veil | Bri at the Hoodwitch explains the weird energy around at this time of year.

>> The Motherpeace Tarot: Watercolours of the Second Wave | I’ve been looking for someone to write about the Motherpeace for a while – it’s a deck many of you love. In this post, K explains how this second-wave feminist tarot is a unique deck and a modern relic.

Second wave feminists aimed to tear down patriarchal religious traditions and forge new, Goddess-centric spiritualities.

Having been raised to be a dutiful housewife, until disovering The Feminine Mystique and reliving the second wave myself in the mid-2000’s, I had no problem donning my Gunne Sax dress and dusting off my Joni Mitchell records when I first dug into this deck!

>> A guide to celebrating Indigenous People Day | October 12th was ‘Columbus Day’, reclaimed by many Indigenous People’s Day. The official date has passed but this post has good advice for anyone who wants to be a better ally to Indigenous people in their community.

>> Why did Sisters Uncut protest at the premiere of Suffragette? | Yep, it’s great that there’s a film showing [a small, white part of] women’s fight for the vote. Sisters Uncut brilliantly used the film’s premiere to highlight the battles women are still fighting – like cuts to life-saving domestic violence services – by occupying the red carpet.


via Sisters Uncut

>> Sync your computer with natural light | Here’s the thing, computer screens emit a weird blue light that totally messes with your brain and your sleep patterns. Flux is an app that controls these emissions so that if you find yourself on your computer late at night, the blue light is removed, meaning less jiggery-pokery for your brain and a better night’s sleep.

>> How to make… a hand-drawn natal chart | Here’s a fun creative project to make an astrology gift for someone special!

>> It’s Scorpio time at the Secret Message Society! | <3


via Mandy Steward

>> You can stop having meetings | Yep.

>> Are phones the new smoking? The science behind our digital addictions | NEUROSCIENCE! This is a brilliant read explaining the dopamine/opoid loop that keeps us checking our phones every six and a half minutes.

>> Will anyone come to my party? | Launching a project our putting yourself out there or creating something beautiful involved a great degree of risk. What if no-one turns up? Alex Franzen has this really heartfelt advice to encourage you onwards.

Lastly, the Wild Unknown Tarot is soon to become a collectors’ item – at least, the first edition is. A second edition of this much-loved tarot by Kim Krans is due out in just a few weeks, and the original first edition will be no more. If you want to get your hands on the original deck before they vanish, you can grab one here!

Photo 14-05-2015 14 11 49

Well that’s enough linking, I’m off to make this week count, starting with an inbox full of delightful things that I can’t wait to read, respond to, and schedule on my blog.

Have a gorgeous Sunday, and if you’ve had a frustrating week like mine, maybe do something small (or large) to change the way that feels.


Beth x


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  1. Ren D. says:

    Me too, ME TOO! I re-messed up my back, trying to do to much too soon!! (OK, being an idiot, did I really need to move that bag of gravel right then? Seriously, it’s a bag full of rocks!) I turned to my cards and got some beautiful wisdom, something I don’t normally do — usually I just see what the cards are up to without asking anything specific for myself, but I read a really strong message that helped me not to be so scared, formulate a plan for what my lie ahead medically, and especially, reminded me that no one is ever really alone (I live by myself). What a beautiful thing that is.
    Is there any way you can be still for a couple of days? Act like a really sick person who has to stay mostly in bed? It’s the hardest thing, when so much needs doing, but the 48 hour down time really can make a difference. I hope you feel better so soon!

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