Weekend reading + …who really knows what

My summertime quiet-time persists.

In fact, I’ve been feeling kinda low lately. Kinda…sad. Unsure of myself. A little flat. Maybe I’ll write about that, maybe I won’t. I only know right now that I want to be quiet, thoughtful, watchful. Appreciating the seasonal shift that’s happening right now, and observing how it moves within me, too.

Anyone out there feeling the same?

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week…

We the T!

Meredith Talusan and a host of other transgender writers are collaborating on a series of essays under the We the T banner on Medium. There are already so many amazing essays on trans* life, experiences, realities, issues, thoughts, feelings up there. Check it out!


Illustration by Rory Midhani. Via medium.com

Related: Real Talk with Trans People: How to be an Ally – A trans* glossary for cis folks. Great resource (and illustrated by the one and only Rory Midhani, who made my cool Fool’s Journey header on Autostraddle!)

Speaking of Fool’s Journey…

Simple ways to bring Astrology into your Tarot Readings

If you’re interested in astrology, but not sure how to start integrating it into your tarot practice, this post provides a few tips, ideas and resources. Have fun!


Tarot Everywhere + Oracle Everywhere

The wonderful Kristen, who many of you will know from the Alternative Tarot Network and who has shared a few brilliant posts on playing card and charm casting divination here on Little Red Tarot, has created two new decks – a tarot and an oracle, which both use photographs to relate the meanings of cards to everyday experiences.

Virgo: The Astroherbology Profile

Alexis J Cunningfolk on all things Virgo – qualities, traits, health profiles and guardian herbs, remedies and flower essences. This series is absolutely fascinating.

PS – the final post in Alexis’ Tarot Herbology series for Little Red Tarot goes up next Tuesday! This time, we’re all about the herbs that correspond with the element of earth and suit of pentacles. Stay tuned.

Don’t Stitch Us Up!

The Tory party conference is to be held in Manchester on 3-4 October. Naturally in a city as red as this one, there are about five billion creative, brilliant protest events planned to show the Conservatives how deeply unwelcome they are in their ‘northern powerhouse.

My pal Helen has gathered together a bunch of craft f0lks to knit a giant banner for the main demo and it’s coming on a treat. If you’re free Monday nights and fancy joining us for a pint and a chat – sorry I mean a bit of political art-making – we’ll be upstairs at the Castle on Oldham Street from 6-9pm. Call in!


Stewards or Profiteers: Selling The Wild

A seasoned forager on the commercialisation of ‘wildcrafting’, foraging and food for free.

But of course, there is a proverbial fly in the ointment. Because what happens when some enterprising individual sees his or her neighborhood bounty not as a communal resource to be shared but as a personal one to be exploited for profit? What if she want to ‘wildcraft’ more than her share of the nettle stalks for her woven baskets? What if he wants harvest all the chanterelles to sell to high priced food markets? Will he or she begin to hire ‘commercial’ foragers to meet economic demand?

On gathervictoria.com

Spiritual coach Tieara Myers on Answering the Call

For this fortnight’s Follow Your Arrow, I interviewed healer and coach Tieara Myers. Here, she explains how she came to be a coach, and how she runs her business.


Surprise me!

If none of the links above have captured your interest, try my new little surprise button. Click, and you’ll get a random post from five years of the Little Red Tarot blog. Who knows what you’ll find? (You can get a surprise post any time you like, just click ‘surprise me’ in the blog menu up there!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.29.46

I’m off to Scotland this weekend – Em and I are staying in a friend’s caravan in the seaside town of Gatehouse of Fleet. These snatched moments together are becoming more and more important to us, as we continue through a year where we’ve spent more time in different countries than together. It’s only two nights, but hell, I’m excited.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a good one.


Beth x


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    Wow, really great articles this week! I especially love “We the T.” Also, I just wanted to let you know that I check your website everyday. The information is always good, and there are always amazing photos and great pictures to look at. Autostraddle and Little Red Tarot are my internet safe havens.

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