Weekend reading + alone time

Em’s gone away for three weeks, for a week of architectural drawing in London followed by two weeks building in Scotland. In fact, she’s probably on a train to Edinburgh right now.

It’s just me and the cats and my lovely lovely neighbours (which includes a family of extremely friendly swans.)

File 17-07-2015 09 09 44

They’re growing fast!

I like this time alone. I’m not as active as when Em’s around, but I enjoy the opportunity to go inside for a bit, be kinda antisocial and just be with myself. This week I’ve been pondering on the meaning of productivity and obsession, and apathy and choice. My thoughts aren’t really complete, but I’m noticing a few things about myself as I go.

File 12-07-2015 19 04 24 (1)

Evening view from my bedroom window.

I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Bridget at the Whitworth Gallery. I tend to think of the Whitworth as kinda stuffy (and I’m honestly not sure why) but lately they’ve been having all this awesome stuff – yesterday, Bridget and I ‘saw’ a sound installation by Gerhardt Richter and Arvo Part, Mary Kelly’s depiction of intergenerational feminist dialogue in Multi-Story House, and a wallpaper exhibition by the awesome Sarah Lucas. Tits in Space!

Mary Kelly’s depiction of intergenerational feminist dialogue in Multi-Story House

Multi-Story House, by Mary Kelly

I also launched a few new gorgeous things to my shop! If you haven’t already, take a look! (And there’s loads more to come.)


Ethically mined Celtic Quartz Magic..

And here’s what I’ve been reading…

Feminism is great, but I don’t call myself a feminist. Mary on intersectionality and sidestepping and challenging the associations of mainstream white feminism.

Look! Here’s a special kind of book for two people to read together! How awesome is that.


Book for Two, via soofiya.com

Next Saturday 25th July in Manchester: Resilience! Festival of Solidarity. An anti-cuts fundraiser for some of Manchester’s hardest-hit grassroots organisations including the Lesbian Immigration Support Group and Action for Trans* Health. (And yeah, I’ll be staffing the bar.)

Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein shared this video full of amazing advice on coming out, breaking up and kissing for Rookie readers.

Marianne reviewed the beautiful, colourful, dramatic Japaridze Tarot (a deck that has been on my wish-list for a while…)

japaridze tarot cards

via twosidestarot.com

Angeliska is back, and I’m so glad. Her blog is one of my all-time favourites.

I also interviewed the 100% awesome, exciting, genius that is Emilie Wapnick. Emilie runs a community called Puttylike – it’s a place for those of us who have many many interests, and struggle with the idea of having ‘one true calling’. Emilie is a life and business inspiration! Read the interview here.

Here’s an article about decolonising our yoga practices.

Check out this awesome online thrift store! I *really* want that red electric summer top.

This is a thing: Yoni Eggs. You put them where??


via thehoodwitch.com

Live in the north UK? A bunch of awesome Manchester organisations are hosting Political Pride – an alternative LGBTQ celebration which aims to take Pride back to its political roots, with a weekend of free, family-friendly, accessible workshops, talks and events.

Here’s an amazing personal essay on Autostraddle which talks about life-long nightmares, astral anxiety and the Strength tarot card. Please note this is paid content available to A+ subscribers.

Lastly, Em made a 3D model of her own tattoo! It’s the platonic solid of water! Check it out:

Have a wonderful weekend folks,

Beth x


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