Weekend reading + sexy summer storms

This was an exciting week. For lots of reasons (and being in a grump wasn’t one of them).

Firstly, my new column on Autostraddle launched! It’s called Follow Your Arrow and it’s about LGBTQ people who run their own businesses. Stay tuned for a rolling series of rad queer businesswomen of all kinds every two weeks!

It was finally hot. In Manchester there was the most fabulous sunset summer storm with thunder and lightening like I’ve never seen and Em and I jumped in the marina lake and swam in the pouring rain. I also took this picture which I think is the sexiest most beautiful thing in the world ever.

Photo 01-07-2015 21 23 08

Feeling some feelings.

And this weekend, I am meeting someone very very very very special. Someone who lives as far away from me as it is possible to live. Tabby! Our very own Astro DIY queer-youth-activist Tabby Besley, all the way from New Zealand. We’re gonna hang out at the London Tarot Festival, whereupon I intend to lure her to the grim and wonderful north for a few days. (And hopefully have my birth chart read!)


Guys, look! I wrote you this handy mini-guide to the numbers 1-10 in the minor arcana. It’s the first time I’ve articulated my feelings about the numbered pip cards and I’m rather proud of it!

The trans woman and Facebook employee the site’s ‘custom gender’ feature was banned from the social network under it’s real name policy.

Related: Women and LGBTQ folks least safe on Facebook despite the real name policy (which it says is there to keep people safe).

I love-love-loved this essay by Ella Luna on obligation and authenticity: At The Crossroads of Should and Must.

I backed this Kickstarter because I love Michelle Nickolaisen and hell, it’s a beautiful paper planning tool! (I love apps, but when it comes to organising my life and work, I’m paper all the way).

Kesiena Boom: As a black lesbian, queerness is not made in my image.

And, erm, did you hear about the ‘ISIS flag’ at London Pride?? Quality journalism from CNN.


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  1. chloetarot says:

    We so rarely like photos of ourselves! You can tell Em from me that I think she looks really sexy in that photo, too 😉 Hope you had a fablas time with Tabby and with Dolores, Beth. And from my perspective, it was so great to meet you finally! 😀

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