Weekend reading + back in the tangled web

After almost four months off, this week I jumped back into my side-business, web design.

It’s been a busy but fun week of reconnecting with clients, scheduling in projects, lining up collaboration days and generally getting back into full-on geek mode. Much as I love running Little Red Tarot, web design occupies a large space in my heart and I’m excited about the projects I’ll be working on over the next few months with clients of all kinds, from freelance artists and writers to an EU commission on women and social enterprise.

One of my favourite projects will be a ‘build-it-together’ day with my friend Cherry Styles, of The Chapess and Synchronise Witches press & distro.


Cherry will be coming to my studio for a whole day next week and we’ll be building her new e-commerce website in partnership. By the end of the day Cherry will have a super-cool new website which brings together all of her cool projects, and having built it alongside me, she’ll be totally in the driving seat.

Meanwhile, out there on the web…

Astrologer Mecca Woods and her friend Janelle have started a podcast and it’s *awesome*. It’s lively and fun and makes planetary happenings accessible and really, really interesting. In this first episode the two Saggitarians juxtapose the Rachel Dolezal debacle with the current deportations of Haitians in the Dominican Republic through an astrological lens, and they take a fun look at the astrology of Game of Thrones.

Five moments in feminist history that jump-started the second wave – an accessible and informative run-through of key events between the 20s and 60s that helped shape the feminist movement.

Tabby went to London to visit the Queen! I’m serious y’all. Whatever your feels about the UK monarchy, you should be proud that our very own Tabby Besley got some serious recognition for her work, receiving a Queen’s Young Leader award this week. Tabby’s organisation, InsideOUT, works to support LGBTQ youth in New Zealand through a whole bunch of inspiring programmes and projects. (And, of course, she’s our astrologer extraordinaire, writing Astro DIY here on Little Red Tarot!)

Barbara Moore wrote this helpful post about having/not having/thinking about a code of ethics as a tarot reader.

*Obviously* recent news about same-sex marriage in Ireland and the US is a nice thing but let’s not kid ourselves that equality is here just yet. West Anderson on how gay marriage misses the mark (yeah, I’ve shared this one before.)

Kristel Yoneda revisits her new year’s resolutions and muses on what it is to ‘be a grown-up’ and that sense of success and/or failure many of us can relate to. (There’s also a Spotify playlist!)

I haven’t become a famous violin player or novelist yet (although, I’m still holding out for the latter), but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about who I want to be. Even if we don’t end up becoming the adults we originally envisioned ourselves as, our fantasies dare us to dream bigger than the realities we know.

I really like writer Mattie James’ simple guide to writing better emails.

And on the subject of writing, here’s Esmee Wang on finding your writing voice.

Marianne interviews the intriguing Wooden Tarot.


via twosidestarot.com

Following a really interesting discussion on the Alternative Tarot Network, Kristen wrote this thoughtful post on Reclaiming The Tower.

Spectra on the politics and privilege of using your ‘real name’ online, and why not everybody can or will.

Theresa Reed made this really important point about ‘following your passion’: There’s no shame in keeping your passion project or side-hustle on the side. Although I’m hugely excited by people turning their beloved hobbies into businesses if they truly want to, I see way too much shame around keeping your day job or not being able to reach sustainability. It’s not for everyone, and it won’t work for every project, and that is 100% fine.

I was so excited to hear that my friend Melissa will be presenting at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland next year!

When I’m web-designing, I have my music on shuffle, which means all kinds of stuff comes up. Like this *incredible* sexy beautiful pumpin’ track by Kim Bookbinder. Enjoy!!

Finally: Ever wondered who makes the best cheese strings? You’re welcome.

My weekend will be one of DIY and decorating, whoop! Whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful weekend!

Beth xx

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