To Wear Your Heart on the Outside: my reading with Lettie Laughter of High Moon Femme


A few weeks ago I received a tarot reading with Lettie Laughter from High Moon Femme.

I am still processing and digesting this reading and everything I learned from it. I literally can not say enough good things about this incomparable, wise and fierce indigenous femme healer.

I first came across Lettie’s work through their writing and have been thinking about booking a reading with them for some time. Because I read tarot myself and so many people in my life also read – and because healers sometimes end up in loops of avoiding our own healing by over focusing on others – I put off booking a reading.

Then, I started writing for Little Red Tarot and took this opportunity to connect with Lettie on Facebook, asking if they wanted to be interviewed for my column. They said yes and wrote one of my most favourite pieces in my column to date. You can read it here.


Since the interview we’ve become friends on Facebook, and I have to say, Lettie’s posts are a beacon for me. My thread is often filled with heavy, dark reports from a world on fire. Yes, there is inspiration. Yes, there are invaluable articles and connections to community. And still, my feed can feel hostile and scary and dark. But reliably there is a meme from Lettie, dropping wisdom with such such poise and grace and vulnerability.

Their work is consistently breathtaking.

In preparing for my reading  I was nervous. What would happen? Was I ready to have the piercing knowing gaze of someone I respect very much aimed right at me and my deepest vulnerabilities? Lettie put me at ease so easily. They carry an immaculate balance of professionalism and charm. They hold the container of their readings very skillfully. And man – do they ever get to the heart of the issue.


In my reading Lettie touched on ideas and themes that rung so true for me, they stopped me in my tracks. They touched on my desire to learn to live with my heart on the outside. They identified aspects of my story I hadn’t shared with anyone – in some ways I think they were able to get in touch with pieces of my truth I didn’t even know were true yet. Lettie’s reading was also very populated with ravens, an animal that has been abundantly present in my life lately. As they read for me, ravens swirled in pairs through the trees outside my window.

Cards came up in this reading that came up for an ex lover of mine – someone I’ve cautiously re-connected with recently – the first time they ever had a reading. When I saw this card I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. I thought I knew what it meant, but Lettie’s interpretation of the card turned my understanding of it square on its head. Lettie helped me hold my ground and see deep truths. They helped me stand firmly in the narrative of my own story, so I didn’t get lost in my desire to connect with others.


There are three things that set Lettie’s work apart from any reading I’ve received before them.

The first is their poetic and humble embodiment of femme magic. They carry their femininity and all its power with endless grace. It felt so nourishing to have my cards read by another proud femme. To have emotional and spiritual labour be so intentional and wise

The second exceptional thing about Lettie is their connection to their ancestors. Lettie was able to gain information about stories and situations in my life by facilitating communion between their ancestors and mine. In this way, they were able to acknowledge powerful truths that allowed me to stand in my own power and have a deeper trust in my path.

The last and most significant thing about Lettie’s reading style is there ability to validate and acknowledge. To witness: deeply. It is so powerful to be seen. Really seen. It can be intimidating and terrifying also, mainly because it is such a lost art form in our culture.

Since Lettie’s reading I have felt more confident, more at home in my body and path, more trusting of my own truth and less invested in the drama of others. I cannot recommend getting a reading with Lettie enough, which they offer via Sykpe or in-person in Philadelphia. For other tarot readers, especially those of us who read professionally, I think we could all gain powerful lessons from booking a reading with Lettie.

I know I did.


P.S. Lettie is also a poet and is currently fundraising by selling a small collection of their poetry. You can purchase the collection here.

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