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  1. This is really thorough and great!

    I will sometimes read super literally what the card says. So if someone asks “how many months” and gets an 8, well, that’s eight months. If I’m restructuring a project plan and want to know how long, and I get 3 of a suit I read as summer, I’d say the 3rd week after official “first day of summer”, I should be ready to reveal the project. You used some methods I haven’t that I’m actually excited to try out even though I’m not a huge predictive reader either.

  2. Solaris says:

    Hi, Beth! I absolutely love this article! I wonder if you might have a copy of Amelia Quint’s e-book on astrology and the cards that you could email me? Her website seems to be discontinued and nonexistant. I can’t get to it no matter how I try. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks ever so much, Solaris

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