Tying up loose ends – Eight of Wands

What a way to get back to my neglected daily draw.

The Eight of Wands tells me to tie up my loose ends so I can move forward unhindered.

Eight of Wands

Look at those wonderful wands, gliding through the air, all aerodynamic. Beautiful. This card is wand-like, in that it’s powerful and sparky, but it also feels sword-like – the wands cut through the air, straight like arrows, focused, clear.

I’ve drawn the card at my desk, on my first day back after a Christmas break. It’s a great card for this new year desk-hitting moment – I wasn’t able to wrap up every 2013 project before finishing for the holidays, and I have new projects ready to begin.

The Eight of Wands encourages me to spend this first week tying up the old projects, so that I’m then able to give proper focus and energy to the new.

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  1. horoscope says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering, can we use readings from tarot and astrology and create our futures or is the future pre ordained and set in stone?
    Can we really produce whatever future we like?
    Do we have that choice?

  2. Little Red says:

    Hi Horoscope,

    I don’t personally think that tarot can be used to predict the future, and I don’t think that the future is pre-ordained.

    I do think tarot can be used as a tool to poke around in our hearts/minds and help us work out what’s really going on there. My belief is that we already know the answers to our questions, but sometimes we’re not ready to see or understand them – tarot is one of many tools we can use to dig a little deeper.

    I certainly do believe that we are in charge of our own lives and can produce the future we want!

    If you want to know more about my personal views on tarot, I’ve written a little more on this page:

    As for astrology, well as you can see I’m not an astrologer. For me, that’s a whole different ball-game – tarot is a deck of cards which we use and react to on a really personal level, whilst I feel that astrology is a science which explores planetary energies and their impact on our tiny planet and even tinier selves.

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