Turning ideas into plans – Two and Three of Wands

I realised this morning that I had taken two cards, melded them together in my mind, and lost track (or maybe never knew) of the differences between them.

These were the Two of Wands and the Three of Wands. Looking at the Waite-Smith images, it’s not hard to see why…both depict some cloaked dude gazing out to sea, holding on to a staff/wand. Even when I set them apart and looked at them seperately, I found it hard to discern the separate messages in each.

On the bus, I tried a little harder, and jotted down some notes:

Two of Wands

Time to look beyond the security/simplicity of everyday life (the edge of the castle – comfort zone), begin preparations for a new project. Careful planning though…it’s about the moments before…starting to think stuff through, open the mind. Also a sense of duality – a need to resolve differences between inner desires and materialism (signified by wand and globe in chap’s hands). Importance of being true to ourselves (like just about every other card!) Recommendations could be to do some mind-mapping, draw up some lists, brainstorm.

Three of Wands

Like a next step beyond the Two…the ideas and plans have been swimming around in your mind for a while now…it’s time to put them into action. In the Smith-Waite image, this person has so far been planning alone – we know this because they’re watching the ships go out to sea – everyone else is setting off on their journeys, whilst they stay still. Perhaps it’s a time to reach out and involve others? Or not. Either way, the time for action has come. A time to ask ourselves what chellenges and opps lie ahead. Do a SWOT analysis on yr plans! Are you feeling excited, creative, or a bit scared? Be sure opportunities are not being overlooked…but most importantly…act.

So there we go. Glad we go that sorted out. I’m off to do some mind-mapping 🙂

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