Thought into action – Two to Three of Wands

Since my daily draw produced the ever-present Two of Wands today, I decided to blog about both this card and its follower, the Three of Wands.

For me, the two are inseparable – they both explore different moments in the planning and beginning of something new and exciting. The Two sees us quiet, still, thinking, allowing ideas to swim about and crystalise, feeling the flames of a good idea dancing and warming up and starting to get excited… Then, with the Three, we’re ready. We’re stepping forward, into something new – this is the real beginning.

My favourite representations of these cards are Stephanie Law’s, in the Shadowscapes Tarot. The sense of calm, the power of thought present in the Two of Wands feels so empowering to me, it fills me with confidence:


Two of Wands, from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Law

I love the red ribbons, fluttering, impossibly, in different directions. This woman’s mind is not yet made up – the project is beginning to take shape, but there are more decisions to make, more little problems to solve before the action can begin.

And those quiet, watchful cats – so wise. The huge, horned lion upon which she sits seems to represent trust – mutual trust between the idea and the thinker. The idea trusts the thinker to take the time to work it all through in her mind; the thinker trusts that the idea is worth following through. There is a sense of peace…but it is tinged with anticipation. Meanwhile the midday sun beats down, growing more and more intense.


And finally the moment comes:


Three of Wands, from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Law

Here, that sense of trust is even stronger – the confidence that comes from knowing we’ve really thought something through, really imagined how it’s going to work, enables us to take that scary step forwardand begin manifesting our plans. The real work can now begin.

In some ways this card is complementary to The Fool, but in others it is in direct contradiction, in that for The Fool, the trust is far more ‘universal’. The Fool can take that step forward because she implicitly trusts that the world is good and that she will be supported – there is an element of free-fall here which I do not find in the Two and Three of Wands. But then, this is also the difference between the universal archetypes of the Major Arcana and the everyday practicalities of the minors. Whilst it is energising and exciting and kinda wands-y/fire-y to incorporate The Fool’s energy into our lives, in terms of actually gettin’ stuff done, the practical ‘think it over’ advice of the Two and Three of Wands helps us to ensure that our inner fire has direction and purpose.

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  1. Chloe says:

    A lovely and very helpful look at these two cards, which often confuse people. As far as the Three of Wands goes, I think the Steampunk version is my favourite – so active and out there :DSpeaking of planning and thinking things through, I’m hoping you’d like to think of your favourite blogs to share with us, as I’ve nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogger Award 😉 Details are here:

  2. Kateri says:

    This is a really nice take. My own is based on my intuitive reading of the two of wands from TWU tarot deck. That rainbow of horizontal lines that leads from earth to sky represents, for me, all of my life’s struggles and triumphs, all of my experiences, my loves and my loathings, my hard work and hard-earned wisdom, my fears and my desires…all of everything that has been building this ladder of my life. I stand on my own two feet, but am always reaching upwards and onwards. I feel that reach when I see this card. It is my determination and sheer will to make it, and make it wonderful. I especially relate this card to the magician, which is another card that comes up frequently for me.

    Love your blog. Thanks so much for all that you share.

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