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  1. Great post beth, I will def check these links. I love Autostraddle, it really is a warm and comfortable place to hang out.

    My current regular visits usually include:

    Paypal Xanax

    Fabulous juicy site that always leads me off the beaten track… warning…time consuming a great one for Sunday mornings!

    Can You Buy Xanax Vietnam

    Because one year I am going to crack this and I like to join all the frooha in the lead up each year and kid myself I will do it this time!

    Uk Xanax Online

    The purple page… 🙂 The home of Tarot on the web!

    And thanks for the shout out my friend xo

    PS Is that your book shelf? I love the Alfred Watkins book… I went to his house once… have you heard of an author called Phil Rickman? he writes awesome paranormal unique style thrillers and Watkins comes up a lot, as does the late great Nick Drake… I must do a post about Phil actually, once the next 3 weeks of college are out I can chill and post about other loves and interests!

    • Wow, great list Bobby! I really love Brainpickings too.

      Nope, not my bookshelf. I currently don’t have a bookshelf – no room on’t boot! The photo is of Lyall’s Bookshop in Todmorden, they change their window display every week and have some amazing things. When I lived there I ended up taking a photo each week, they always put something interesting in the window 🙂

      That’s amazing you’ve met Alfred Watkins…because I’ve never heard of him. I didn’t even pay any attention to the book behind the one I was photographing. And somehow through the misty forest of the internet you’ve spotted that and told me you’ve been to his house for a brew.

      This world is so strange and brilliant! xxxx

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