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Here are the rules of the nomination: 1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. 2. Share seven random facts about yourself. 3. Pass the award along to 5 newfound blogging buddies. 4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.


Firstly…thanks Martie!

SynTAROTis is a great blog exploring the use of Tarot cards for brainstorming and creative thinking (as opposed to for divination or esoteric purposes). ‘Check it out!’ as they say

Secondly – seven ‘random’ facts about me?

Eesh, I really don’t like these things. I’ll make it snappy and list seven of my current passions (besides the obvious tarot)…

  • Photography (of the 35mm film variety in particular, though I have grown to love my little digital thing)
  • Gender equality (because I have a brain) (and eyes and a heart)
  • Music (where to begin?)
  • Charity shops (the only way)
  • Cooking and winemaking (when I can be arsed)
  • Vegetable gardening (a work in progress. 20 overgrown lettuces anyone?)
  • Roaring fires (accompanied by camping friends and homemade wine, or DVDs, bedsocks, my lover and my cat – or anything in between. I’m really not fussed so long as the flames are a-jumpin’)


Thirdly – my nominations!

  • Inner Whispers – Chloe is this lovely person who just appeared out of nowhere and started reading my blog a few months ago when I’d only just started writing it…before that it hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would actually be interested!! Chloe is an experienced, professional Tarotist and yogi, and her blog, among other things, draws from a wide range of decks, discussing her personal insights into each card. I visit Chloe’s blog every day for a little dash of Tarot inspiration.
  • Melissa’s Tarot Readings – Ah, Melissa. Charismatic, funny, forthright Melissa. Crush alert! No seriously – Melissa’s readings are wonderful. I should know – she did me one recently, and we had such a good time! Melissa’s reading decided for me (no honestly, I do also have my own brain) that I need to chill out on the other stuff in my life and concentrate on Tarot for a bit. Okay!! said I. This is where you can read the writings of a woman who’s been doing Tarot a heck of a long time, and yet still finds space to humbly share her learning experiences with you. Love it.
  • Willow Merrymoon – Willow is a friend from way back, and my inspiration for journaling my Tarot online. She’s an awesome woman with an intriguing history, and being in her company is a privilege and a calming, just-bloody-good experience. We’ll be neighbours again soon and I can’t wait. Those of you not lucky enough to live near Willow can visit her lovely website, which includes a per-blog, deck reviews, book reviews, ‘Ask WIllow’, and best of all the monthly Tarot cast, which I love.
  • The Artwork of Modern Tarot project – OMG. When I came across this site, probably about three months of my life vanished into the internet vortex. To visit is to enter the world of what I suspect is the world’s most awesome Tarot collection. Adam’s site not only houses his blog, but an INCREDIBLE database of decks, plus all of the decks he has published himself (oh yeah, did I mention he’s an independent Tarot publisher?) AND most generously, an online course in Tarot history. If I could have a second life, I’d spend it here.
  • Gorgs Graphics Souk – Um…to attempt a description would be futile. Go and see for yourself what this wondeful woman is up to.

Also, TABI – not a blog, but the forums (fora? Do we still say that?) are seriously addictive. What?! Haven’t you bloody joined yet?!

I’m also going to be very cheeky and put another couple of links. Those above are Tarot-related and personal – people I wanna give a big-up to, but those below are some that I read even more frequently – they keep me thinking and keep me grounded. I’m not nominating them for the Versatile Blogger Award because they’re way beyond that, but I hope you’ll check them out anyway.

  • The F Word – set it as your homepage for daily UK feminist news, all those little sexisms you never realised were sexist, good news too, right-on, queer-friendly, thought-provoking aceness. Don’t agree with every word on there, but that’s part of the point.
  • Then also visit Gender Across Borders for a global perspective. I LOVE this blog.
  • Anti-Intellect – the inspired writings of a black gay rights activist, feminist and atheist
  • Racialicious – a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. Subscribe!

I hope you enjoy my recommendations! Thanks again Martie for the nomination, that was lovely of you. And it gave me a chance to indulge in a little link-lovage, which is always a good thing.


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  1. Little Red says:

    Thanks Chloe, t'was a pleasure to draw attention to your blog, as you've become something of a mentor to me (whether you like it or not 🙂 <br>You are under no obligation!<br>Love, LR xx

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