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  1. Angharad says:

    Ahh I love this so much! Visions of you doing the seed dance around LRT to make it grow & flourish! ?

      • Angharad says:

        Haha I’ve probably called it the wrong thing – it’s that scene in My Neighbour Totoro where they plant some acorns & dance around them to help them sprout!

        • OMG of course!! (I haven’t seen it for about 15 years and have been resisting watching it in case it gets in the way of the intuited thing – but) I just watched some and the seed dance is exactly it! That is exactly what I hope Totoro is here to teach me about LRT!

          Okay that’s my new morning routine, check in with Totoro and do the seed dance 😀

          • Kathleen says:

            This is the most wonderful image! Totoro isn’t my work spirit (I mean, that I know of) but I have always had a love for those little soot spirits (are they in all of Miyazaki’s movies? I just rewatched Spirited Away and they’re there too!) so maybe I shall commune with the soot spirits for a bit. They work hard and have such a sense of humor about things. Enjoy the Seed Dance!

  2. Marie says:

    Do read ” The E-myth, revisited” (e stands for entrepreneurial), it is EXACTLY about this issue and how to solve it, it has helped me a lot with my own business!

    • Thanks Marie! I have read it (well, I have the audiobook). Once I got past the paternalistic mansplain narrative that bizarrely holds the book together (dear Sarah, please shove a pie in his face) I was able to acknowledge the gems which are absolutely part of all this grappling 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!


    I love the idea of doing different exercises to get to know your business beyond you. You mentioned that part of your separation is not offering readings on LRT–do you offer them elsewhere, or do you no longer offer readings?

    • Thank you!

      I offer them ad-hoc depending on who is asking, and occasionally do events (I love reading at events!) I am looking for a way to offer readings again more formally, but for now, they’re not publicly ‘on offer’.

  4. Sue says:

    Beth, I don’t often get the chance to click and read from your emails/ newsletters. Glad I did to this one!

    I attempted to run a small business myself for a couple of years, until I burnt out late winter 2018…. not a great advertisement for someone in the holistic side of things, who also did readings. OOPS…. So, I totally got what you’re saying, the journey you’re on.

    I imagine the coaching will help you. The coaching I had didn’t help me a huge amount, though the group support was appreciated – I think it was more about my business simply wasn’t viable and I had to learn that through trying it out. Coaching does help folks, I’ve seen the results. Choose the coach wisely (sounds like you have).

    Thank you for the labyrinth quote in the blog pertaining to the card you drew. Spot on for myself on a few levels, not just you – so ta. 🙂

    Books to consider:
    She means business by Carrie Green (resonated a lot for me, out my mind at rest for a few things).
    Book yourself solid by Michael Port (might be a bit like the E-Myth for some in the content, but I know several folks who’ve found aspects of this game changing).
    Find your why by Simon Sinek (with D. Mead & P. Docker) (I’ve not yet read this(!) but the TED talk Sinek did resonated with me hugely, so I bought the book. I picked this out with you in mind.)
    The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson (my partner bought this for me as my business, emotions and mind disintegrated. It was a tonic to read, made me laugh.)

    There you go, you’ve enough on. Don’t burnout (nag, prod, poke) and consider the Bach flower remedy Olive to help sustain you emotionally (wag finger, nod). 😉

    Gan canny. 😀

  5. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for this post! I’m not an entrepreneur (right now…) but I am a researcher, and I though I’d avoided conflating my self and my work, but after reading this, it turns out I have, um, not.

    Also, I’m glad you wrote this post, for a(nother) selfish reason, which is that as a long-ish-time reader of yours, I was feeling bummed – in the California sense of “mildly disappointed” – that there were so many new writers on LRT and that you weren’t doing readings at the time of MY new year or MY 35th birthday. And that sounds terrible, because I actually am major fans of pretty much all of the LRT folks, and love their posts, but I was missing YOU, and not to sound too creepy or anything, but going back and reading some of your old posts as I delve deeper into learning tarot and sulking. But this post has me pulling up my pants and socks and reminding myself, “Beth is a PERSON, not a website, and she does not exist to write illuminating posts on the card you are currently studying on your schedule! Beth is Beth (and you don’t even KNOW her IRL!) and LRT is LRT, and the Wheel turns, and life is a flowing stream, and you’d do well to heed what she says about disentangling yourself in your own work instead of ruminating on things that aren’t yours.”

    So, thank you, as always, for a timely and poignant post!

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