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  1. BK says:

    I LOVE this interpretation of the card. The gender binary thing never really stuck with me either and I was trying to understand the nurturing thing in the strict sense – but extending the parenting inspiration to just all productivity really sits with the underside of my stomach as a meaning that suits. I’ve been getting this a lot recently and I’m not a very mother-energy type-ah human. So thanks for this post! x

  2. AS says:

    This is a great interpretation of the Empress! When I started researching tarot and looking at the different meanings people assign to the Empress, I was surprised and dismayed at how many follow the same stereotypical gender binary-based meanings. As it is one of my favorite cards (especially in The Wild Unknown), I really connect to your interpretation and insights. Looking forward to going through your posts as I continue to learn about tarot! (also just started and loving the Alternative Tarot Course!)

  3. Lorna says:

    Wow Beth! Just starting your course and worked out that I’m a 3 / Empress! This interpretation makes SO much sense! Thank you so much!

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