The best-dressed awards go to the Dreaming Way Tarot

(Or, how Kwon Shina should be a fashion designer.)

Seriously, I think way down, on an *actually deep* level, one of the things I love most about the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina is the amazing clothes that a lot of the characters wear.

(Curious about this deck? Here’s my review!)

Here are some of my favourite sartorial moments from this gorgeous deck.


Two of Swords

The white + stunning knitwear theme runs right though the swords suit, making it my favourite. That shoulder warmer looks so cosy! And with secret knitted bloomers to match? Yes please. Also with the white cowboy boots.

The Lovers

I’m into the whole pyjama + strapped-on wings thing going on in the middle here. That and the proof that a crumpled white shirt and jeans is never going to go out of style.


The Star

Apron! Bloomers! Slippers! YES!

Page of Wands

Probably not one for Saturday morning in the supermarket – maybe more for some kinda tarot oscar ceremony? Or just for being the damn Page of Wands I guess. Anyway this is one very sexy dress/robe/sarong thing.


The Magician

Where to even start? Maybe with the glasses. The infinity symbol glasses. This outfit is some kinda Harry Potter steampunk brilliance and I love it.

Eight of Swords

So basically when you wear a giant silk sheet and then put on heavy boots and a thick woollen scarf, you’re gonna look amazing.


Seven of Swords

Again with the knitwear and the boots. A thousand times yes.

Wheel of Fortune

Stripes is all.

*SIGH* This whole thing makes me want to quit this writing gig and dedicate my life to reproducing amazing outfits from tarot cards and becoming a millionaire. Instead, I’m gonna dedicate a few days to making up some of these outfits for myself (though probably not The Magician.)


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    • Beth says:

      Right? Yeah the straps were pointed out to me in the comments on another post and that was the point when I realised I wasn’t going to be able to resist any longer…

  1. Tango says:

    The two & eight of swords are really similar. Like: scarf, dress, boots. But the two is colder where the eight is warmer. I don’t know where I’m going with this yet. It’s just that both of these cards are important to me and, I’m digging this new dimension/connection between them.

  2. louise says:

    Her designs have a very ethereal quality to them that I really like 🙂 Also, I love that the figure in the 7 of Swords isn’t facing us – it adds a whole dimension to how it can be read as well.

  3. Beth says:

    I’ve just returned to this post after spending a morning looking for new clothes on eBay. I think I’m gonna use this deck as the inspiration for a wardrobe overhaul.

  4. Kate Vasey says:

    I just recently got this deck, and I couldn’t agree more about the clothes! Oh, heavens, they are everything I want in my closet (and all my favourites are the ones you pointed out, Beth)… the layers, the different types of fabric…honestly the entire swords suit’s atmosphere is just, gah! <3
    I shuffle through this deck, and instead of hearing cards slipping past each other, I hear fabric swooshing. The images bring the tactile brilliance of Tarot to a whole new level by incorporating that unmatched seduction of fabrics to the forefront… I just love this deck, and I love you, Beth, for being obsessed with the clothing as much as I am. Using the deck as inspiration for a wardrobe overhaul is utterly brilliant… I may have to follow your lead on that one. 🙂

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