Ten things about you that probs aren’t true

You’re a Daily Express reader who watches 50+ hours of telly a week.

And your favourite food?

Vegetarian sausage rolls.

Ah, where would we be without YouGov, who have presented a survey (sample size: 58 people. 58 people.) showing what ‘people who like tarot’ also like. Thank you Brooke for sharing this!

The results are kinda hilarious. Only because, as I watch the results of my own tarot survey popping into my inbox, I see a deep impasse.

I’m not gonna provide a load of analysis of these survey results – YouGov’s respondents are a whole different bunch of people to you lot, and anyway, ‘people who like tarot’ are not neccessarily the same as ‘people who are learning/practicing tarot and regularly visit an alternative tarot blog’.

I just wanted to share a few fun highlights from this survey because it’s so funny how much they don’t seem to represent the ‘people who like tarot’ that I know. Enjoy!



You bunch of right-wingers! Get off my website!

Midlanders? Well, I’m a Shropshire girl so I guess I can’t dispute this one personally.

We’re all broke. Well – at least we can all be broke together.

And who knew so many of us worked in transport and logistics? I’m totally gonna build you guys a Truckers’ Tarot forum.

Stuff you like


You’re hooked on Spirit and Destiny magazine. The leading authority on living your truth.

ITV is the best source of news for you (but preferably at 10pm.)

Then you hit the sack because you have to be up nice and early to watch This Morning with Richard and Judy!


Your niche interests?

Coming in fifth, we have WEYMOUTH. Everyone who loves Weymouth, please raise your hands. (If you’re not in the UK and/or don’t have a clue about Weymouth, it’s a small English seaside town on the south coast noted for it’s sunny weather and interesting fossils.)

Your top ten favourite foods include:

Vegetarian sausage rolls (in the top spot!)
Gingerbread (nom)
Tandoori Trout
Tapioca Pudding

Lebuchken kinda IS gingerbread, so I’m gonna say that’s bordering on a gingerbread obsession.

So, if you had to pick, would you say you prefer horse racing or darts? And is that as a spectator or a participant? Would you say you were a gambling kinda person?

Your most likely pet?

Well, that one seems about right: cat, of course 🙂

So come on then – how much of this rings true for you? And if you all have a holiday caravan in Weymouth I want an invitation.

PS Less funny, more interesting and based on a significantly larger sample size, here are the results of my own ‘tarot lovers’ survey (November 2014)


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  1. chloetarot says:

    LOL! I think age and gender are right for me, and I do practice spirituality and sex (not necessarily together). That’s about it for me! I can barely believe they’d publish this on the basis of just 58 people!

    • Beth says:

      W…what? You don’t love Weymouth Chloe?

      Yes, it’s nonsensical really, a study this small. The results of my own survey will hardly represent ‘tarot lovers everywhere’, or even tendencies, just some wonderful people who overlap with my interwebs! Maybe I’ll send it to YouGov…

  2. Ali says:

    Hi! I’ve found your blog recently and am reading back through it, and was interested to see that the number of respondents to this is now up to 87, which seems to have come with a significant swing to the left and the North, yay! (also I think the small sample size is because it’s not a specific survey – just part of the huge amount of general data that yougov collects about all kinds of interests, you can search for pretty much anything in the bar at the top – a great way to procrastinate…)

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