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  1. Little Red says:

    Thanks Chloe! I'll take a look at the Gay Tarot. I've seen cards randomly before, but I've never thought of turning to it specifically for an alternative perspective – now I think about it, it seems obvious!

  2. ray tennessee says:

    i have recently begun studying tarot more in depth and have found your alternative interpretations a vital part of rounding that study out, thank you!

    i recently got this card as part of a reading about my partner and i. upon reading your interpretations, i had that warm glow that the card represents. i also went back and looked at the card with a newly open mind, not just responding to the imagery, but the symbolism of that imagery.

    i had a new response to it within me, i am using the classic rider-waite deck. i looked at the family through an archetypal lens. the marriage and balance of feminine and masculine, which according to june singer’s interpretations of jungian archetype, symbolizes a highest balance of emotional wellbeing. the two children dancing rang of inner child, innate wisdom, purity, a space and time before judgmentalism takes hold. altogether, looking at it this way, i was no longer peeved by heteronormativity, rather, was delighted by the capacity of this card to represent the balance of genderqueerness, non-binaryness of psyche. and to take that into a space of open and loving, fully embracing community: how damned lovely.

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