The teen punk, the adult bruja, and the chaos in between: The Next World Tarot

Remember back in June when I was really excited about a new tarot deck that’s currently in the making? You know, the one that queer punk illustrator Cristy C Road was making with Michelle Tea?

cristy c road next world tarot 2

There is news! Yes! This is now a solo project for Cristy since Michelle just has way too much on. And she’s totally cracking on, and being changed by the process and discovering all kind of wonderful things about life and herself and the Universe and it’s all completely amazing.

Below is what I guess you’d call a press release announcing the soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter campaign for the Next World Tarot. Take a read, and look out for future updates about how you can help bring this deck to life!

The NEXT WORLD TAROT is the divine brainchild of illustrator and writer, Cristy C. Road.

Please help support the creation of this post-apocalyptic radical reclamation of spirituality through visual art.

2007. It had been about 4 years since I left my hometown of Miami, FL; where I struggled to find my place among the lively spiritual pockets of my Latinx community. As a teenage queer Cubana, (with no queer community) I had at least found my place in punk rock, where I could preach the gospel about overthrowing the system that attempted to overthrow us.

I knew I carried the weight of my ancestry on my shoulders, on top of the spiked vests and patches that kept me safe. I knew there was an inevitable tie between us wrecked humans and the world we inhabited – but how to unearth that internal bruja remained a mystery to me then.

This all started that spring, when I was on Sister Spit (the all-queer performance tour), and tour member/founder Michelle Tea gave me a few (pretty sick) Tarot readings about my health and my romantic problems. After a few lessons on existing beyond my romantic problems, she recommended that I design my own Tarot Deck. WOAH – as much as I lived off readings and felt like nature would kill us all, my connection to the universe was in shambles, and I wasn’t necessarily the healthiest human at the time, although she assisted the beginning of this journey.

cristy c road next world tarot 3

A few years later, I participated in the same tour. I was reading about punk rock and overthrowing those same systems that continued to fail us. Through my tour companions, I learned that perhaps there was room for the teen punk, the adult bruja, and the chaos in between? I contemplated for about a year or two on whether I was built for this – I wasn’t even big on completing original work; afterall zines and graphic novels were my forte and those were all mass-printed.

After reconnecting to my cultural and spiritual roots through misadventures, trauma, and love (and through learning how to read Tarot myself), I realized this was my calling, no matter how distant completion felt.

What began as a cool project that would vary in media based on my time and income, evolved into a complex series of drawings created with ink, markers, gel pens, white out pens, and whatever high viscosity acrylic Paint I can get my hands on; strictly on sheets of Bristol vellum ranging between 11×14 and 18×26. What began as a cast of rad queer characters, evolved into a disarray of minds, bodies, and souls; who all triumph over some kind of societal challenge.

cristy c road next world tarot 1

The NEXT WORLD TAROT is a visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection, between outcasts and their criminalized identities.

Getting NEXT WORLD funded by formal literary and artistic institutions hasn’t totally worked so far, and here we are. Funding this project will assist with both materials and the completion of the art itself; as well as the creation of the first edition of the deck. We truly hope for this deck to have many editions; as well as additions, revisions, and lives.

Watch this space for info about the Kickstarter campaign, launching very soon!

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American Artist and Writer. She started publishing a zine in 1997, and her work has flourished since, in punk rock, feminism, and queer countercultures. Shes contributed illustrations to countless record album covers, book covers, political organizations, web and print publications, and much more. C.Road has written and illustrated 4 books, which tackle coming of age as a queer Latina. Her titles include INDESTRUCTIBLE (Microcosm, 2005), BAD HABITS (Soft Skull, 2008), and her latest novel, SPIT AND PASSION (Feminist Press, 2013), a graphic novel about navigating the coming out process in the conservative Cuban community of Miami, FL, by cultivating a punk rock identity in the closet.

C.Road’s work has been featured in published works, and she’s toured internationally on her own, and with SISTER SPIT. 

She is currently working as a freelance illustrator, and is working towards an MFA in Illustration at FIT in NYC. She sings and plays guitar in her pop-punk band, The Homewreckers, and lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Miss Chippy.

For more info please visit or contact

And if you can’t wait till the Kickstarter to show Cristy your support, you can help by purchasing a print from her shop!


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  1. NOVA2BKNY says:

    Great! I bought prints of the Two of Swords and Page of Wands from Christy this summer at a Brooklyn Pride event hosted by the Audre Lorde Project and have been waiting to hear more. I realized this morning that adapting the Two of Swords to my own non-binary gender-bent liking can make a fun (and inexpensive) Halloween costume. I look forward to seeing the Kickstarter!

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