REVIEW | Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition

Ink & Intuition: Tattoo Tarot Deck Review

Body art tends to be rich in symbolism, making tattoo-inspired tarot cards a natural extension.

This statement starts the description for Ink and Intuition, Tattoo Tarot Deck, from publisher Laurence King, and the deck certainly proves this assertion true. Any fan of classic tattoo art is going to love this deck. It re-envisions your favorite tarot symbols as the coolest folks you’ll see hanging out at only the swankiest of tattoo shops.

Each of the suits, read as must-have flash sheets, of minor arcana journeys, and each of the major arcana cards is a gorgeous work of art in and of themselves. I imagine there will be a lot of tattoo and tarot fans that will find not only inspiration for their life queries but also for their body art wishlist. I found myself immediately smitten with the King of Cups and as soon as I parse out whether I want his body art or him as body art I’m making an appointment! Perhaps, it’s a question I should sit with my new deck about!

The box is as gorgeous as the deck itself, in matching rich jewel tones. The cards are that perfect hand size, a bit bigger than a standard playing deck, but still small enough to fit easily in your hands. The cards are finished in a smooth matte. They’re sturdy but not too heavy and shuffle easily. I love how the whole deck is a soft weathered cream, it feels a bit like finding old treasured letters in an attic somewhere.

The deck also comes with a small handbook. Along with some great spreads and a short how-to for those new to tarot, it also offers a short history lesson on both tarot and tattoos. It made me think fondly about how both these practices have cycled in and out of counter and mainstream cultures, sometimes fighting for validity and sometimes bestowing it on those who utilize the practices.

The short interpretations offered are traditional and binary gendered but also offer contemporary examples. Those still deepening their understanding of the cards may want to use this deck in tandem with other descriptions and interpretations. And I appreciate that the guidebook itself honors and encourages personal understanding of the artwork.

The classic style and tattooed figures make for a fun combination. All in all a beautiful deck to add to your collection, clearly filled with the talent and intention of the artist and author.

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