Tarot Spreads

Facing Demons: A tarot spread series for deep psychological work

Eclipse tarot reading

An eclipse season tarot spread with the Dust II Onyx Tarot

Spring equinox: A tarot spread & a reading

face up tarot spread

Face Up Tarot | The Turn-Around Spread

The two-card cross: A super useful, super short tarot spread

January Sunday Spread | New year perspective

Five tarot spreads for new year readings

Tarot reading for a trip to Canada

September Sunday Spread: Letting go and leveling up

Lammas: Harvest, reflections, and a tarot spread

August Sunday Spread: Simple tips for not so simple lives

Learning from envy: A tarot spread for jealousy

Tips and a tarot spread for Venus Retrograde

Should I stay or should I go? A tarot spread for decision-making

Get to know your new tarot deck with the Interview Spread

My favourite tarot spreads for client readings

I Believe You: a tarot spread for femme survivors

A tarot spread for stating your needs

Messages from the four directions: A compass tarot spread

Creativity, courage, commitment: a tarot spread for the new moon

The dying of the light: An autumn equinox tarot reading

New book! Little Red Tarot Spreads: 21 original tarot spreads + worksheets

Begin now, with what you have: A simple tarot spread

You, Me & Us: A relationship tarot spread

A polyamoury tarot spread

Minimalist Tarot – a clutter-free approach to reading the cards

Birthday reading with Tarot of the Cat People

happy birthday tarot spread

A happy birthday tarot spread

Create your own tarot spread

Create your own tarot spread

Holiday Tarot Spread

A holiday tarot spread

Go Get Her tarot spread littleredtarot.com

The ‘Go Get Her’ tarot spread

Find your mojo tarot spread

Finding your mojo – a quick tarot spread

Confidence tarot spread

Tapping into your confidence – a tarot spread

tarot for relationships

Tarot for relationships

you write the ending

Alternatives to ‘outcome’ cards in tarot spreads

top ten tarot spreads

My top ten tarot spreads

business tarot spread

Business elements – a business tarot spread

Spring cleaning tarot spread

Spring cleaning tarot spread

new year tarot spread positions

A new year tarot spread

Elemental truths – interviewing the Mary-el Tarot

Gateway tarot spread

The gate, the key, the passage – the Gateway tarot spread

‘The Bridge’ tarot spread

Equinox/Ostara reading

Get to know your strengths as a tarot reader: The reader’s tarot reading

SWOT business tarot spread

SWOTting up – a business tarot spread

steampunk tarot drengsen

Cheesecake and Cherry B – meeting the Steampunk Tarot

New year in the Magical Forest

Eight of Pentacles DIY Tarot Spreads

DIY tarot spreads

Your own personal compass

Moon phase tarot

Waxing and waning – a full moon tarot spread

Getting shit done – trying out the Procrastination Conversation spread

procrastination tarot spread

Lead us not into procrastination

Anna K Tarot reading

You are precisely my cup of tea – meeting the Anna K tarot

Building blocks – a three-tier tarot reading

Wildwood Tarot

O Wildwood – what can you teach me?

Howlin’ at the Moon – a full moon tarot reading

three card tarot reading

Three little cards

dark moon tarot spread

Springtime assessment – a dark moon tarot spread

Two cards – the ‘challenge’ spread

shadowscapes tarot cards

A distant reading

King of Swords, from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law

A spread for moving forward – test drive

two-card tarot readings

Two-card tarot readings

A tarot spread for moving forward

A tarot spread for moving forward

Mapping the Six of Swords

tarot spread for balance

A tarot spread for balance

A simple tarot spread