Tarot readers: it’s okay to take a break


When I sit down to read a client’s tarot cards, I do so with pride and with love.

It’s a huge honour to serve my querents, who trust me with all kinds of dilemmas, from straightforward questions about work and career direction, to heart-wrenching doubts around love and life purpose.

I take my time reading each question I receive, figuring out a suitable spread to get to the heart of what the querent is asking, opening space with a candle, shuffling and laying cards and providing the detailed, high-quality written reading they’re expecting from me.

As professional readers, who make our living providing this kind of service, it means giving a lot. Each time we sit down to a reading, we giving time, expertise, and lots of emotional, mental and spiritual energy to our clients. And of course, we do so willingly. This is the job and, speaking for myself, I truly love it.

But of course, it’s not always possible to give that kind of energy. What happens when our own lives are too hectic, too sad, too difficult – as mine was, recently? What about those times when time is at a premium, and when we really need all of our emotional, mental and spiritual energy for ourselves? As tarot readers and others offering spiritual services, do we have a ‘duty’ to carry on providing, regardless of our own journeys, or is it okay to take a break and to conserve our energy for ourselves?


I ‘switched off’ the tarot reading part of Little Red Tarot last March, just before making a major transition, moving house and completely changing my life. I knew that the move was going to be hectic, and that there was going to be a settling-in period which would need a lot of attention. I didn’t know if or when I would even have a desk to sit at, let alone how I would manage to focus my attention on the subtle and intricate details of my clients’ lives. Struggling to know how to be ‘present’ in my own life, I truly didn’t see how I could be fully present for my clients. Nope, the only responsible action was to shut up shop until things had settled.

Sure, I could have used the income, but providing readings during that time would have been far more damaging to myself, my clients and my business. Having learned previously the danger of providing spiritual services when preoccupied with my own journey (in short: I delivered a confusing and at times insensitive reading that upset a trusting client – this was sorted out via a heartfelt email conversation, but I still felt mortified and knew I should never have carried out the reading) it was pure common sense to step back from this part of my work until I was ready to offer clients my full attention once again.

As of last week, I’m happy to announce that I am once again open for tarot readings! I’ve been waiting for a while for the time to feel right, and last week, it finally did. I feel safe and secure and present in my own life once again. I have a desk, I have space, I have done enough processing that I’m ready to shift my focus away from my own journey and once again help others with theirs. It’s a relief and an honour to be back doing what I’m most passionate about.


I said that I approach tarot readings with pride and with love – and I’m sure most tarot readers reading this would say the same. That’s why I wanted to share this little story. As a tarot reader, your job is to give your client complete focus and to treat their question with your full attention, with love, with respect. If you’re too caught up in your own story right now, that’s okay. Honour yourself, instead. Honour your own journey. Do the processing you need to do. It’s okay to say ‘not now’ if that’s what feels right. It’s okay to step back if it’s not practicably possible to be in service. Only when we are fully present and able to focus on a life outside of our own, can we deliver the services we’re truly proud of.

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  1. Yes. It’s so true that our own chaos comes through. I’m not sure if every reader has their horror stories of this, but I certainly do. I admire your honesty, bravery, and strength in being able to talk about it.

    • Beth says:

      Thank you! I think it’s a pretty universal experience – I hope this post will encourage others to feel they can prioritise their own lives and self-care when they need to.

  2. Asali says:

    Thank you for this.

    I’ve seen so many posts from folks in the community lately, including my own lol, giving light workers strategies to relax and step away for the sake of self-care and love. Healers are going through it!

  3. Hi Beth,
    I’ve been going through a really hard time as well in 2016. I needed to read this! My blog totally fell to the side with everything I’ve been going through, but I think the silence is good for my psyche.

    So glad that things worked out for you and you are once more offering the readings. Your blog posts really inspire me!

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