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  1. Thank you both for this wonderful interview! Such brilliant questions… and answers. Egan it’s wonderful to get a closer look into your life, art process and ideas about this deck…and how they all interlink. From all of the images I’ve seen so far, you’ve really managed this feat of highlighting the magic in the every day, and I loved hearing how nature made its way into most cards unconsciously. And especially the bike ride you described, where you got the seed of this deck from thinking about queer love and resilience. <3
    And that card with the seven cranes flying over the river? Just… wow. I’d like it as a huge print on my wall, it brings tears to my eyes.

    Thank you both for sharing! I’m more excited than ever to receive my deck and explore 🙂

  2. Eve Garing says:

    Thank you for sharing this interview and artist. I was having trouble sleeping the other night, so got online and read this interview and followed the links to explore Egan’s artwork. I fell asleep soon after. and had very odd dream that in hindsight I realize was warning dream for me and a couple of friends. Locally all 3 of us have been speaking out, stepping on the tail of people caught up in misanthropic mindset. The dream forewarned me of psychic attack. Forewarned I can protect myself and friends. One of the friends in the dream, had a painful fall yesterday. Initially I had been bothered by the dream. Now I understand what it was communicating.

  3. Sara says:

    There is something shady going on with this creator.

    They’ve recently begun to announce a second printing for the deck, available directly on their website —but many of the first Kickstarter backers have not received their decks after almost half a year after the first run being available (I’m one of apparently many who have never received the deck). Keep in mind, a first edition was made available directly on the website after the Kickstarter was funded, which sold out.

    Check the comments on the original Kickstarter (along with other complaints in FB tarot groups). The creator refuses to answer emails and messages regarding updates on fulfilling the Kickstarter decks… or even whether they’ve sent to a particular backer or not. They’ve basically gone radio silent since shortly after this interview.

    Sorry to vent here, but buyer beware.
    You’re always taking a risk on KS when backing a deck. It could fall through and the project never materialize. But there’s something really off about the amount of backers who never received anything, the creator’s refusal to answer messages, and the new alert for a second print available for purchase.

    • Thanks for sharing your concerns Sarah – I see a lot of folks are upset and it is a long wait (8 months after estimated completion) when others seem to be getting their rewards.

      I see I have been personally mentioned in the KS comments too, so thought I would share my own response.

      As someone who regularly backs KS decks, I’m really used to things taking many months longer than creators anticipate/promise. It’s disappointing/frustrating of course but these days I factor it in to anything I preorder this way.

      I’ve also seen cases where backers getting (understandably) antsy about their rewards being shipped in a timely manner causes stress and overwhelm for the creator, exacerbating the problem (not saying this is the case for Egan – I have no idea! But it’s certainly something that can happen!)

      I also get that the lack of communication is the biggest issue here. From a As a KS backer who hasn’t yet received my decks, I personally feel happy with the level of communication (i.e. via KS updates) I’ve had from Egan and trust that they are still in the process of sending out decks.

      The latest general update on KS (late March) says that 70% of rewards are fulfilled and that Egan anticipates having everything shipped by May. There’s also an apology for not being able to answer individual messages.

      I backed the Agate level – two decks and two cloths. Looks like lots of folks haven’t received these yet. From this (and seeing the handmade element of screen printing the cloths that accompany so many rewards) I’m expecting that my decks will be on their way to me in May – that’s what Egan is saying here.

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