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  1. Erin Marie says:

    I’ve started doing weekly readings which I call ‘Brain, Heart, Lungs’ – representing my mind, my emotions and my spirit. These are the parts of my that I often feel get easily out of balance, so it is good to see where I should be focusing my energy in those spaces for the week. I am also working on dealing with old trauma at the moment, and your post has led me to think I need to include ‘Body’ in this reading. I have been so disconnected with my body for most of my life that it feels uncomfortable putting any attention on it, but to really shift out of old patterns, I need to. So thank you for this post, and the prompt.

    • I love your weekly reading and that you’re feeling inspired to throw in a Body card, too. You’re doing powerful and brave work reconnecting with your physical form after trauma and I just want to take a second to say “HECK YEAH!” to that.

  2. Danny says:

    I love your thoughts and heart on connecting tarot with the body and as a treatment for trauma. It’s amazing to me how very multi-faceted the applications for tarot really are; the possibilities and potential uses are endless! Looking forward to the next part in your series.

    • Right?! I think that tarot can be as simple or complex as one needs it to be – and that is a great source of comfort for me. In my own practice I’ve found that the cards show up in different ways for different situations and people, connecting us to a hidden wisdom within and beyond ourselves. And I find that to be reassuring because it can feel like the experiences in my body are too much, too impossible to explain, too overwrought, or not enough. If I can find the self-gentleness to pull out my deck, then I can make space for a story emerge. And these stories hold us and remind us to keep speaking our truth and gathering round kitchen tables, camp fires, protests, celebrations, and memorials to keep hearing the truthful stories of others. There’s enough cards, enough words, enough space. And then it feels less like I have to hold it all in this tenderfierce body of mine. I can let go, open up, draw in a breath, and make space.

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