From intuition to inspiration: The connection between tarot and creative writing


As I write this, the Knight of Cups sits in front of me. It’s the card I pulled in answer to the question, “What do I need to know about my writing right now?”

For me, this card comes as a reminder to make sure that whatever I am creating, it is coming from the heart, and that it stays true and honest to who I am. It is also a reminder for me to ensure my writing contains passion, inspiration, and emotion.

I was 13 when I realized I wanted to be a writer.

And I say “realized” because that’s how it felt: That it was more of a revelation than a decision. I started out writing poetry and making zines, and before the end of high school I’d had several failed attempts at writing vampire fiction.

As I got into my 20s, I started writing music reviews and interviewing bands for local magazines, and eventually went on to study journalism. My first book was an oral history of punk based in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. But I always ended up going back to creative writing.

Me as a magazine intern and aspiring writer in my teenage goth years in the 1990s

magazine intern Liz

After spending years talking to other people about their projects and creative processes, I wanted to develop some of my own. And so I committed myself to poetry and fiction, and at the same time, started learning tarot.

Like many folks out there, I first saw tarot as a divination tool.

I thought it would help me to develop my intuition, and I wanted to learn how to interpret the cards so I could see what was up ahead.

The more I focused on my creativity, the more I felt that it was connected to my intuition. People would ask, “Where do your ideas come from?” And I wouldn’t really know. I would revisit passages and poems I’d written and wouldn’t even remember some of the lines I’d come up with. Much like receiving an intuitive hit, I felt like ideas would come to me that would just feel “right.” There was a strength and weight to them that made me sit up and listen.

And of course, the more I worked with tarot, the more my relationship with it changed as I came to learn that it was more than a divinatory system. Feeling a connection between creativity and intuition, I began using tarot to help me with my writing. I’d heard of authors who have mapped and plotted entire books based off of tarot decks and playing cards.

“What could tarot tell me about my own work?” I wondered.

At first, I started to pull cards around some big decisions I needed to make. For example, I was approached by an agent a few years ago and was curious what the cards might reveal about the opportunity he was presenting. I also started to use the cards to ask about what types of opportunities I might be able to manifest on my own. I wanted to feel constantly connected to a source of inspiration and be as attuned as possible to my writing. I also started to consult the cards when I felt blocked with my writing, or when I was starting to doubt the validity of a piece I was working on.

Just as tarot can provide insight into where you are on your path and what you need to know along the way, it can do the same when put into the context of your writing or any other creative endeavour.

How can you start using tarot to support your writing?

Here are a few questions you might want to take to the cards:

  1. What do I need to know about myself as a writer right now?
  2. What step can I take to stay inspired about my writing?
  3. What do I need to know to better understand the character I am writing about?

Finding connections between tarot and writing has helped me stay rooted and centered as an author. In any creative medium, it can be so easy to second-guess yourself, or feel setback by rejection or harsh critique. And hey, some days we are our own worst enemies in these ways, too.

But that’s where tarot can be a place to come back to. The cards can help provide perspective. Tarot encourages us to reflect on our work in ways we might not have thought of otherwise, and helps us understand the greater lessons behind our creative paths.

For me, connecting writing to tarot hasn’t only supported my writing; it’s also inspired me to combine my work as an author and a tarot reader to create a course called the Call of the Word.

The Call of the Word is a five-week mentorship program for writers of all levels. It’s a chance for us to zero-in on your current writing, and to help elevate you on your path as a writer. It also gives me a chance to give you as much of my magic as possible.

Because every writer is on their own journey, I provide custom assignments and experiences for every participant. Whether that means making special meditations or mantras for you, building your own take-home tarot spreads, or guiding you through shadow-work to help uncover the sources of stubborn creative blocks, I’ll create an experience through the Call of the Word that is completely targeted to your goals and needs as a writer.

Plus, we’ll work through a lot of the common questions and issues that writers encounter, such as identifying themes and styles in your work; creating structure in a manuscript; fear of rejection; handling expectations and pressure; and more. And throughout the program, you’ll receive tarot readings from me that will help you understand your path and purpose as a writer, and to tune into your creative growth along the way.

Writing isn’t easy.

And most of the time, it’s not even the writing itself that’s difficult, but the uncertainty, the isolation, and the self-doubt that come along with completing the work. But when you allow yourself to work through any creative struggles, you clear the way for creativity and inspiration, gain confidence in yourself as a writer, and learn how to overcome future challenges. What you learn about your creative path through the Call of the Word will do more than help you with your writing right now; it will support you on your journey as a writer for years to come.

Because the nature of this program is so intimate – everyone gets one-on-one time and attention from me throughout the five weeks – enrollment is limited to 10 writers.

And as a gift, Little Red Tarot readers can take advantage of a 10% discount on the program when they enter promo code LRT16 at checkout.*

Learn more about Call of the Word here  or contact Liz at with any questions.

(*Note: The 10% discount will be deducted after the transaction completes, and will appear as a refund.)

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