Your key tarot challenges…and some helpful resources

In last month’s survey, you told me about your tarot goals…and what you’re struggling with.

With answers ranging from the mundane to the wild, covering such a huge range of topics, your vulnerability and willingness to share your biggest tarot challenges has given me plenty of food for thought.

I think it’s empowering, encouraging and helpful to know that others experience the same hurdles…and then to find ways over, around, under or, hopefully, through these together. Among well over 700 wide-ranging answers were some incredibly familiar struggles that came up time and time again.

Here are the three most common things you’ve asked for help with in 2017:

Actually learning the tarot card meanings

I’m still having trouble remembering what all of the cards mean at this point and I’d love to get to where I’m not having to consult my books all the time.

How can I help?

+ A Card a Day is a daily email course. Whether you’ve got just five minutes per day or a little more time, you’ll get a short lesson each day with the option of going deeper. You’ll work through the tarot deck one card at a time, in order, learning slowly and in bite-sized lessons. You’ll also get lifetime access to an entire library of tarot card meanings so you can look up any card, any time.

The Alternative Tarot Course won’t teach you the traditional meanings of the cards – it will guide you to develop your own. Over eight weeks (or shorter, or longer – with lifetime access, you can choose!) you’ll work through all kinds of fun exercised designed to get you really working with those cards and finding your own interpretations.

Card Interpretations. On this page, I’ve collected together six years’ worth of blog posts exploring the ideas behind tarot cards and what they’ve meant to me at different times in my life (there are also plenty of posts from other writers). It’s a jumbled-up kind of resource, and a wonderful place to while away an afternoon, deck in hand.

Developing a daily/weekly/regular tarot practice

I would like to have a daily practice for myself.

Despite resolutions and intentions, it’s hard to create solid daily routines and really stick to them – because life is chaotic, we’re constantly surrounded by distractions and commitments that pull us in multiple directions, many of us are seriously busy, and our mental and emotional health is rarely on a super even keel.

How can I help?

This is a topic I really want to explore more in 2017. I’d love to peek into the tarot routines and rituals of different readers in this community, and share the practices that genuinely help folks to bring tarot into their daily lives.

In the meantime….

How can we make time for tarot when we’re super busy?

Ten ways to make tarot part of your daily routine this year

The Alternative Tarot Course will give you eight structured weeks of tarot (including daily and weekly practices), creating a solid foundation for developing regular tarot habits.

+ A Card a Day brings you a tarot card by email, every single day. This 78-day course makes it easy to build up your tarot knowledge by asking you to spend just five minutes with a new card, every day.

Developing your intuition

I want to get better at listening to the cards when they don’t tell me what I want to hear. I want to practice setting my loudest voices aside so I can hear the things I really need to hear.

A lot of you feel confused about intuition. What intuition actually is, how to tune in to it, and most of all, how to trust it.

Again, I hear you. Although I’ve been a tarot reader for some years now, I wouldn’t say I had a perfect relationship with my intuition. Sometimes messages (from the cards or elsewhere) are as plain as day. Other times, I get a sense that there’s something trying to come through…but I can’t quite access it. Still other times, I quickly turn my back on the messages I need to hear, because I’m not ready, not willing, not able to hear them.

How can I help?

Let’s do this together! Let’s talk frankly about intuition, let’s dig right in to what it really means to ‘be intuitive’, let’s talk about the times we wouldn’t listen, and the times we found we could. In 2017, my year of going deep, I want to invite you all into a conversation about ‘tuning in’ so that we can learn how to do this together.

Sometimes I find I get a bit in a rut, where I fall back on my usual catchphrases and shorthands for the meaning of the cards, instead of being fully present and going deep with my analysis and intuition.

Stay tuned for open threads, posts, prompts and questions on this topic in the new year and beyond.

The list goes on…

Whilst these were the three most common goals and/or struggles shared in the survey, there were many, many more:

Confidence was a big one – especially in reading for others (here’s a helpful post to help with that!)

Hearing and incorporating ideas beyond those of our immediate cultural circles was another hot topic – something I want to address by bringing new writers to the blog.

You asked about the links between tarot – and other spiritual practices – as part of self-care, community care, and social justice. This is a passion of mine, yet something I feel like we’ve only skimmed the surface of – thank you for the prompt to delve into this this year.

I would love to learn more about incorporating tarot into my mental health care, maybe through journaling, meditation, and/or goal-setting. Also, I’d love to learn more about connecting tarot to social justice, empathy for self and others, and radical liberation.

Reading a whole spread of cards as a coherent whole (rather than each one in isolation) was something lots of you brought up – a topic I adore thinking about and want to write lots about this year.

Lots of you talked about making a living from tarot – by offering readings professionally, online or in person, or maybe through teaching. That’s so exciting! Here’s an archive of posts dealing with ‘professional tarot’ – and here’s one in which I share my own journey into this business of tarot, and I’m certainly intending to share more of my own business journey as I go.

Rituals, spellwork and incorporating tarot into your other witchy practices was another popular concern. I’m on this journey with you, guys – as I develop my own practice I’ll be sure to share what I learn. Meanwhile, I’m actively looking for writing that helps us to create links between tarot and others forms of magic and ritual.

I’d also love to use cards more in spellwork and ritual. I already do a bit, but again, I feel like I could go deeper with it.

And the court cards? Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not the only person who finds these hard work. (And here’s a post to get you started!)

The information you shared with me last month will form one of three structural pillars of my work in 2017 (the others being my own need to challenge myself personally and go deeper with my tarot practice, and a vision for diversifying, deepening and challenging the blog as part of a team).

One last exciting thing about this year’s planning is that I’m not doing it on my own! There is a tiny team of amazing people who work with me to make the Little Red Tarot blog as brilliant as possible and it’s been a real breath of fresh air sharing your wishes, dreams and issues (anonymously, of course) with Tango, Andi and Siobhan. Together, we’re talking and planning and getting ready to make Little Red Tarot a more helpful, more welcoming, more radical and more thought-provoking community space in 2017.

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  1. rachelc says:

    This is so exciting! I feel like the ATC already helped me so much in creating a regular/daily tarot practice and helped me feel confident in my readings. I’m really looking forward to what your next course will offer. 2017 is gonna be great! <3

  2. Brooke Davis says:

    I’m really looking forward to what you have planned for 2017! I did a year long chakra course in 2016 and tarot kind of took a back seat but I really want to dive in and learn much more about tarot in the coming year. Excited to see what you come up with.

  3. Liss says:

    For me, I’m trying to better recognize and understand the connections between cards. For example, the story that’s told through the major arcana. I’m somewhat new to tarot and seem to connect with the big picture meanings / messages. My goal is to do readings with multiple cards. (Right now I do one card only, as a way to think about my day.)

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