Three brilliant tarot artists you can support right now!

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Got a little spare change jingling in your pocket? Want to support amazing artists creating amazing tarot art?

Or perhaps you wanna sidestep the materialism of Christmas and make a donation to a tarot project in the name of a loved one?

It’s an interesting time for tarot, and for art. So many talented people are expressing their creativity through the system of tarot, creating beautiful and meaningful decks for all to use.

Here are three tarot projects currently in progress, all of which need your support to come to life. I’m excited by all of them!

The Invisible Light Tarot Deck

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A stunning photographic deck created using shots taken on expired infra-red film, by Brandy Eve Allen. As a fellow photographer, I’ve loved perusing the images Brandy has created and chosen to build a tarot that plays with light and form in such a beautiful way. I hope so much this work comes into existence.

This collection of photographs brought to you in the form of a modern tarot deck contains years and years of throwing myself into the creative process. I’ve put all of myself into these photographs, literally as many of them are self-portraits.  This is not only a tarot deck, but also a series of art that you have the chance to own and enjoy for yourself.

Donate to the Invisible Light Tarot deck here!

The Next World Tarot

next world tarot

I know I keep banging on about this but I am so, SO excited about this project! Queer punk activist Cristy C Road is creating a deck for the edge-walkers, the activists and the non conformers. It’s colourful, diverse, messy and gorgeous and there are just a couple of weeks left to add what you can.

Support this project with a donation here.

Read a great interview with Cristy here!

Trung Nguyen’s Tarot

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Trung Nguyen is a comic artist based in Minnesota. His tarot is colourful, cartoonish and draws on all kinds of mythologies, fairy tales and heroic narratives, (as does all of his work). Increasingly, his work is encompassing more of his own personal narratives, too. As a queer person of colour, an immigrant, an artist, Trung’s work uses the archetypes of the tarot and of many cultures and spiritualities to reflect the diversity in his world.

The people in my life deserve to find themselves considered in the fanciful parts of my imagination – in a perfect world, my loved ones are there, and that means there should be gender variance, there should be a lot of people of color, and depictions of queer affection.

Support Trung’s work with a monthly donation on Patreon.

Read a (completely fascinating) interview with Trung here.


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  1. SJ says:

    I have a friend who knows Trung Nguyen and another who wants to help his kickstarter – I feel like I’m losing my place as the person who knows the things about Tarot. I’m so happy to be creating a community that “gets” it too.

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